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Nashville S5 Ep4 Recap: Narrowing in on the Stalker

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Russ Martin

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January 20, 2017

Things are starting to get too creepy for comfort in Nashville. This week Rayna’s stalker sends her a package stuffed with rose pedals and a long, ominous letter. And it's not just regular overzealous fan mail; the writer’s clearly got delusions about Rayna.

It’s safe to assume the mystery flowers she received earlier this season were from the same sender. Is there anything more foreboding than receiving a bouquet of stalker flowers, then an envelope full of pedals the next week?

Bucky tells Rayna this is just another crazy fan, but she’s still shaken. The letter makes it sound like the stalker is getting closer: “After so many years of waiting, I am here.” 

Here’s a closer look for all the eagle-eyed detectives hunting for clues:

Thankfully, things are going well for Rayna in other areas – her billionaire superfan Zach Welles is back in town and offers some much-needed funding for Highway 65. The offer even checks out with her lawyer, who says it’s the closest thing to free money possible. it too good to be true? Or, even worse, could Zach be her stalker?

Here’s our running list of our top three suspects:

Zach Welles: Off-beat billionaire

Have you noticed everyone keeps calling Zach “offbeat”? He’s likeable, but he’s also slick, and that’s a little worrisome. He came out of nowhere and now he’s swinging through Nashville all the time and offering massive favours, like an A-list director for The Exes music video, with no strings attached. There’s got to be strings, right? On the other hand, offbeat does not a stalker make. Zach’s certainly not on the top of the suspect list.

Odds he’s the stalker: 1/5

Randall St. Clair: Highway 65 marketing executive

When Randall started stealing mementos from Rayna’s desk, he became the chief suspect. Is his whole earnest, eager fanboy act just a cover? Or is it part of a larger twisted fandom that’s now crossing the line? Either way, Randall super suspicious.

Odds he’s the stalker: 4/5

Superfan off the street: Total stranger

That guy was totally weird, right? The way he was talking to Rayna about Maddie running away totally crossed the line of normal superstar-fan relations. Maybe he was nothing more than a super eager fan, but he definitely gave off some potentially stalkerish vibes.

Odds he’s the stalker: 2/5

Okay, on to happier developments…

Juliette has a breakthrough this week with Avery. After a blowout fight, she’s finally open and honest with him and admits she’s worried she’s become a burden. She even shows him empathy, telling him the accident has been harder on him than her. While that may not be totally true, it’s nice to see Juliette taking culpability and putting herself in Avery’s shoes.

At the end of the episode Avery carries Juliette to bed. They are definitely, fully, 100% back on.

Will and Kevin, however, are sadly finished (for now, at least). They hit a major snag when Kevin tells a landlord they’re just roommates, sending Will into a tailspin. His wandering eye kicks in and he bails on the apartment application, leaving it for Kevin to find in the trash. It’s heartbreaking when Kevin calls it off. One minute they're bumping foreheads to kiss like penguins, the next they're breaking up.

Even more heartbreaking: Will on stage at the end of the episode, singing a song he wrote with Kevin. Maybe it’s a sign there’s still a chance they’ll get back together? If there’s still love left in the song, there’s still hope to hold on to, right?