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Nashville: Get the Look (Scarlett’s Retro Finger Waves)

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Natalia Buia

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January 27, 2017

Scarlett’s sleek Old Hollywood look for The Exes video shoot made us swoon!

It’s fun to see Scarlett experiment with different hair styles ever since she got her pixie cut. Her finger waves were a huge nod to ‘20s, as the hairstyle become popular during the flapper period.  Finger waving is the shaping or moulding of hair while wet into S-shaped curved undulations with the fingers and comb. You may have seen this ‘do in films like The Great Gatsby and period dramas like Downton Abbey. Women with long hair can maintain a finger wave but it looks best on those with short hair.

Here’s how you can recreate Scarlett’s glamorous ‘do from the roaring twenties:

1. First shampoo your hair. Your hair needs to be wet to shape finger waves!
2. Work a generous amount of Kerastase Styling Mousse (Walmart, $25) through your wet hair. 
3. Use a tail comb (Sally Beauty, $2.49) to work the mousse through your hair to achieve better hold of the finger waves.
4. Create a straight deep side part. Next to the parting, separate a wide strand of hair (about 2 inches) above your forehead. You will use this strand of hair to form the finger waves.
5. Use the tail comb to pull the separated hair forward towards your face and start shaping the finger waves next to the parting, working your way down your hair.
6. Push the hair upward towards the parting to shape the first of the finger wave rows.
7. Secure the base of each newly formed wave using one of the special finger wave clips (Sally Beauty, $3.49).
8. Alternate pushing your hair upward or downward to create the finger wave rows. Secure each row using a finger wave clip before shaping the next wave in opposite direction. The first time around, your finger waves may not be quite as perfect as you want them to be. Don’t worry, you get to practice as often as you like as long as the hair is wet! 
9. Once you like your finger wave creation, allow your hair to air-dry before you remove the finger wave clips.
10. Apply a generous amount of L'Oréal Paris Elnett Hairspray (Walmart, $15) to hold.