Nashville: Get the Look (S5E1 - Rayna James’ Silky Silicon Valley Ensemble)

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Nashville: Get the Look (S5E1 - Rayna James’ Silky Silicon Valley Ensemble)

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Natalia Buia

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January 16, 2017

Besides the chart-topping hits and gut-wrenching plot twists, it’s the country-glam garments that keep viewers hooked on Nashville. From Juliette’s flirty and feminine dresses, to Scarlett’s bohemian maxis to Maddie’s trendy separates, the ladies have worn some of the most covetable outfits throughout the series and the season 5 premiere is no exception. Here’s how to copy the hottest looks from the show at a fraction of a price. After all, we’re not all record-breaking country music super stars.

If there’s one thing that Rayna James can pull off, it’s a blouse. We’ve seen her relaxed in plaid and we’ve seen her in a lot of leather jackets. But I love it when Rayna softens up and opts for a feminine blouse instead.  When billionaire app developer Zach Wells flies her out to Silicon Valley to play a private event, Rayna wears a pleated silk Georgette shirt from Gucci, which rings in at $2,030.

For a famous figure like Rayna, two grand is chicken scratch. But for us average folks, we’d need to start three separate side hustles just to pay this off – and don’t forget, there’s pants that complete the outfit! Unless you work in an office where pants are optional (if that’s the case, good for you, and how can I apply?).

Here’s how you can rock the Rayna look at work or out on the town for much, much less. 

1. Cream coloured Victoriana blouse, $38 (CDN) from Top Shop

2. Navy high-waisted pants, $59.90 from Reitman’s

3. Set of 3 gold rings, $12.00 from Aldo

4. Black strappy sandals with chunky heel, $39.99 from H&M

Total cost to look like a million bucks: $149.89