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August 16, 2016

As an aviation engineer, 28-year old Mikhel has his dream job and the freedom to indulge his passion for motorcycles in his spare time. The only thing missing from his life at this point is someone to share it with. Sensitive and thoughtful, Mikhel is not afraid to show his emotions (and might even shed a tear during sad movies). As a self-described “hopeless romantic”, Mikhel tends to fall hard and fast… but despite having his heart broken in the past, he is ready to put his heart on the line for the Bachelorette.

Name: Mikhel
Nickname: Mik
Age: 28
Birthdate: February 6, 1988
Occupation: Aviation Engineer
Hometown: Ottawa, ON
Height: 6'1"

Yes, one on the back of my right arm.

Favourite music:
Anything really; Top 40, country, blues, classic rock

Top 3 favourite movies:
Fast and Furious
Rocky III

What is your favourite book and why?
Jupiter's Travels - a story of why the adventure and the journey is what matters rather than the end result. Something I try to live my life by.

Who is your hero?
Dwayne Johnson

Special talent(s)?
I'm pretty handy/good with my hands.

What is your most embarrassing moment?
At my best friend’s wedding my tailored suit split right down the butt seam and no, I was not wearing underwear. The groom had to help me safety pin it up. What are best friends for?

What is your biggest fear?
The ocean including but not limited to the Humboldt squid and Killer whales.

What is your biggest date fear?
My biggest date fear is that I will get too excited and overdress and she shows up in casual wear.

What is your guilty pleasure?
Tearing up during movies or TV shows. Tearing up, not crying...very different.

What would an ex-say are your three worst attributes?
Stubborn, can be an introvert, and can be emotionally closed off.

What is the most outrageous thing you have ever done?
Being cast for a national TV show where I get out of a limo and meet a girl for the first time, and then compete with 20 other guysfor her love. What is love if it doesn't make you do outrageous things...right?

What is your greatest achievement to date?
Recognizing in myself that I was putting up walls and locking people out. It took a lot of reflection and self awareness to see that and to want to change. It wasn’t until a real moment of clarity that I realized I didn’t like who I’d become and decided to break the walls down, regardless of the potential for getting hurt.

What are your three best attributes?
Persistent, thoughtful, and hopelessly romantic.