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The Bachelor Canada: Meet Meghan

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August 28, 2017

Meghan may be working as a waitress in her small Newfoundland hometown, but she considers herself a city girl at heart. Unlucky in love, Meghan admits to being impulsive and falling hard and fast for all the wrong guys. She is looking for a man who will be committed to her and have her back and she’s hoping the Bachelor will be The One.  

Name: Meghan
Home city: Deer Lake, Newfoundland
Age: 24
Nickname: My grandfather used to call me Maggie.
Profession: Waitress

What is the most important thing the bachelor should know about you? I'm super charming.

What makes you different from the other bachelorettes? I'm the most passionate person I know, and would always be there for my partner no matter what.

What type of music do you like? I like Alternative, Classic Rock, Top 40 and Rap. I love Lana Del Rey.

Who is your personal hero? My grandfather, who passed away two years ago, is my hero. He knew me so well and was really precious to me.

What are your relationship deal-breakers? If he cheats.

What is your dream date? Somewhere hot on a yacht.

What is one thing on your bucket list? I would love to go to Australia. I want to see kangaroos and the country in general. 

Favourite place to travel? Somewhere warm. My favourite place I've been to is California.

What are your three best qualities? My personality, honesty and loyalty.

Your three worst qualities according to an ex? That I spend too much money on myself, I'm indecisive, and I eat out all the time.

What is the meaning of marriage to you? Being committed to that person and always having their back. 


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