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Meet the Host: Dan Vickery

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April 22, 2016

Designer Dan Vickery was born and raised on a farm in Vale, Oregon, Dan brought his hands-on work ethic, degree in architecture and love of design with him when he moved to Los Angeles. As an interior designer, Dan and his design company have successfully transformed residential & commercial spaces in Los Angeles for the past 6 years. His clients love the fact that he always goes the extra mile to ensure their total satisfaction with his finished design.  

Dan finds design inspiration everywhere, but as a former “farm boy”, he especially loves the abundance of texture, colour & beauty found in nature – which makes Love it or List It Vacation Homes the perfect fit for him.  This LA lad is never so happy as when he can roll up his sleeves and turn raw elements into works of art. 

We loved getting this glimpse into Dan's life and officially want to tag along for his future visit to Iceland - read on and you'll see why.

What’s been the biggest surprise about working on Love It or List It Vacation Homes?

The biggest surprise is…that I don’t win every time! I mean, I do a pretty good job!

Seriously though, it has been amazing how well Elisa and I get along despite how much we work together and the friendly rivalry. I also love how the entire crew has become my extended family while I am away from Los Angeles.

Tell us something quirky about your co-host on the show, Elisa Goldhawke.

She’s a neat freak! I’ve been at her house often and I try to be a gracious guest and help with the dishes, but Elisa won’t let me. She insists on doing all of the dishes, cooking, cleaning and laundry. According to her, nobody can do it as well as she can.  

Your turn. Tell us something unique about yourself!

When I was in school for architecture, we learned the measurements of our body so we could take room dimensions without a measuring tape. My foot is exactly a foot long and I can still step off any space with great accuracy. I need to learn how to convert that into meters if I’m going to keep working in Canada, though.

It's first thing in the morning -- ho do you like to start your day?

Gym! Cardio and core before breakfast to burn the most calories, then binge eating after breakfast before I get too hangry.

If we were to peek into your fridge right now, what would we find?

A large bowl of my chicken and sweet potato curry, Prosecco, salad, lemon juice, and almond milk. Oh, and eggs.

What do you do on a typical weekend?

Short getaways. Camping on the beach, Mammoth Mountain to ski, or Sunday morning brunch with friends. We have a pretty regular group for Sunday brunch and have made a tradition of the “breakfast appetizer” -- we order French toast or pancakes that everyone shares to start. 

Given your choice, would you escape to the country or be satisfied in the city? 

I live in LA and grew up on a farm, so any chance to get to the country is an escape. It may be the change in scenery, the open space, the stars at night or just the nostalgia. Although I like living in the city, I love getting away from it.

What’s the next country to visit on your bucket-list?

Iceland! Northern Lights! Cannot wait!

What's your go-to karaoke song?

John Denver’s 'Thank God I’m a Country Boy'. Also, Elisa and I have brought the house down with our rendition of Meat Loaf’s 'Paradise by the Dashboard Light'. I’m the worst singer in my family but am the best at memorizing lyrics. My family was held captive to my tunes in the car more than once. If they didn’t know the lyrics, then they couldn’t drown me out.

If you won the lottery, what would you do with the money?

Buy my parents a new home. Set aside college funds for my nephews. Take everyone I love on a long trip around the world starting with Germany to visit relatives.

Do your family and friends have a story they like to tell about you?

Everyone old enough to remember still tells stories about what a handful I was as a baby. To start, I was not cute. On top of that, I was not a happy baby! The nurses nicknamed the “The Judge” because I looked so serious. When I didn’t look serious, I looked miserable because I cried all the time. Even my grandparents resisted babysitting me and everyone swears I did not stop crying for more than 10 minutes until I turned two. That’s right, 2 years of 10-minute naps for my parents and me. Then as soon as I turned 2, I quit crying and started biting. Luckily I outgrew that too.

What, or who, motivates you to do what you do?

I love to create a space that is not only personal but also, functional and beautiful. A lot of designers can create a space that works well but is not necessarily beautiful. Or they create a space that is stunning but not the most functional. When I can create something that is both of those things and watch a homeowner react as if is exactly what they always imagined, it makes the hours and effort all worth while, and then I’m instantly energized to start on the next project.

What's the best piece of advice you've ever received?

“There is a fine line between cocky and confident,” which is something both my mom and Grandma have told me over and over. My Grandma was convinced I would never learn humility and I wore out her dictionary as she made me read the definition of “humble” over and over. I’m not sure I will ever get it!

If you could learn to do anything, what would it be?

Acrobatics! I would love to run and do a flip through the air, or fly around on parallel bars. I sit mesmerized in front of my TV during the summer Olympics. I have taken a trapeze class and was the only one to successfully let go of one bar fly through the air, and catch the next. I could definitely do more of that.

And finally, if you hadn't become a designer, what would you be doing instead?

Installation artist by day and bartender by night, because artists never make money. I love creating things, whether it's art or cocktails. Both art and alcohol have the ability to make people feel good, and who wouldn’t want to create comfort?

We can't wait to see the beautiful spaces Dan and Elisa feature in Love it or List It Vacation Homes, premiering on May 9 at 10 E/P!


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