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Jillian Harris's Ombre DIY

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Jillian Harris

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April 29, 2014

Ombré is just a fancy way of describing gradual colour or shading… so it should be pretty easy to create this look on your own, right?!  We all tie-dyed when we were kids (or hippies lol), this is just like tie-dying… only interior design style!

So here goes, your very own ombré to try at home! Here is step by step what @danavaleria and I did to create these funky pillow cases… and FYI, we shopped at IKEA for the pillows and cases!


1. Boil one gallon of water in a kettle. Pour a package of RIT dye into the bottom of a large glass bowl and pour the boiling water over the dye.

2. Stir the dye and water with a spoon. Make sure to stir thoroughly until all dye is dissolved—you don’t want any powder left behind.

3. Add a cup of salt and a tablespoon of laundry detergent.

4. In a sink, wet your pillowcase to the point you wish the dye to reach. We did 3/4 of the way.

5. Lower your pillowcase into the dye solution to the point where you dampened it (the dye absorbs very fast). Literally dip and pull out to the next section. This can be as thin or as wide as you like.

6. Let the color develop in the next section for 20 seconds longer and pull the pillowcase up to the last section.

7. Pull out the pillowcase, making sure to keep your hands on only the part with dye, so to not spread color to the white section. Twist out all excess dye.

8. Head back to the sink and run the dip-dyed section of the pillowcase under lukewarm water until the water runs clear.

Tip: We realized that keeping the white part of the pillowcase clean was pretty difficult, so in another bowl I submerged the whole case in cold water and let water run. The dry end got dyed just a tiny bit and we loved the end result!

Your turn! Give this at try at home and then let me know how yours turned out! What do you think?

xo Jilly

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