Jillian Harris on Love & Relationships

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Jillian Harris on Love & Relationships

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March 17, 2016

Jillian Harris and her boyfriend, professional snowboarder Justin Pasutto, are undoubtedly smitten. Not only does their love inspire envy, but curiosity too. How did this power duo come to be and what's in store? Read what Jillian has to say about the love she's found in this exclusive interview as we get ready for the series premiere of Jillian and Justin Wednesday, June 21 at 10 E/P. 

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(Photo credit: @slipperygoose)

How did you know Justin was ‘The One’?

Of course there were the obvious things: he had great style, he was SO friggen hot, we had a blast together and he loved my family.  But I think I remember the day my heart melted. We had all gone out and partied and came back to my house to crash. That night my cousin Sammy (who is also my best friend) had gotten into it with her now ex-boyfriend. The next morning we were all having coffee and nursing our hangovers, and Sammy broke down and started to cry. Before I could get to her Justin went over and gave her the biggest and longest, genuine, loving bear hug.  I was always looking for someone who would love and take care of my family the way I would, and that moment I realized he would make the cut.  

(Photo credit: @jillian.harris)

What was your best date ever?

Probably the time we went camping last fall just the two of us with Nacho.  It’s always my fave. 

What do you think ar the three ways to really get to know someone?

1. Travelling with them for sure. Justin and I have been together for 4 years and we’ve been to Scotland, England, Ireland, Mexico, Hawaii, All over the States and Canada. 
2. Cooking with someone 
3. Going through a job change or job loss with someone

What’s the secret to making a relationship work?

I haven’t figure that out yet. Justin and I haven’t mastered it all… we still struggle much like any couple. But if I had to bet on what would solve all of our problems? Letting go, not always being right and compromise… which neither of us are good at! 

Can you share with us what went through your mind when you first found out you were expecting your first baby? Was there a special way you shared the news with loved ones?

Justin and I had talked about having a family EARLY on, and while I was totally ready when I met Justin, he needed a few years.  We ‘pulled the goalie’ so to speak a few years ago and eventually thought maybe it wasn’t going to happen quickly or we would have difficulties. We knew we wanted children together but we never really talked about the logistics. When it happened Justin, had this HUGE grin on his face and I was in disbelief…. I was happy but I was scared shitless. After all these years of wanting to be a mom all of a sudden it hit me. Do I want to be a mom? Can I be a mom? What about work? What about our schedule? When that wore off, we were ECSTATIC. Since then it has been a dream and we can’t WAIT for the little bean to get here!! 

What has been the biggest surprise of your pregnancy so far?

The first trimester BLEW my mind. My sense of smell changed, my heart rate changed and my taste buds changed. But the second trimester is even MORE surprising because I feel AMAZING and totally normal. I didn’t expect that! 

Best piece of advice you’ve received about becoming a parent?

I think my parents did it pretty well and I hope to follow a lot in their shoes. They didn’t over complicate it with too many rules or strategies, just love and encouragement. They gave me so much confidence growing up and I hope I can do the same with my little one. 

How do you think your lives will change now?

OMG who knows. We both work in different cities and live in two cities. We love to travel and Justin is a night owl and I like to go to bed at 10 PM, so I imagine life will change in every way possible. But we like change, so bring it on!! 



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