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Bright & Beautiful Kitchens by Jillian Harris

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March 19, 2014

Jillian Harris's designs, whether for Love It or List It Vancouver, clients or at home, always lean toward pretty and eclectic with a romantic, vintage-inspired style.

While her style over the past decade has been inspired by different eras, all the way from the Arts and Craft movement to modern minimalism, her current dsigns always land in a look that we love. Clean, bright rooms with a broad appeal that still manage to incorporate feminine lines.

We rounded up our favourite Jillian Harris kitchen spaces for simple decorating ideas that you can use to makeover and DIY your rooms.

The first kitchen is a classic example of her trademark look. This open concept living-dining-kitchen is bright, playful and relaxed, perfect for families.

Building on white on white on white, this marks Jillian's signature style and has a lasting appeal.

On Love It or List It Vancouver, we've seen her finesse for giving furniture a facelift with paint, and here she transforms a vintage table by painting the legs a serene white.

Bright and beautiful, a white-dominated kitchen is the perfect canvas to bring in fun pops of vibrant hues. “Use pops of colour," Jillian says. "Don’t be afraid to mix colours — colour schemes can sometimes be restrictive. Mix different shades of yellows, greens, blues, and mix and match different patterns. If you love it, it all goes.”

Find what you have that is unique and than pare down further to what you want to display. Stacking tea cups, glasses and a few larger-scale items will keep the open concept shelving from looking cluttered. Once you see the colour scheme that emerges, keep it in mind for future additions.

50's diner style meets Arts and Crafts inspiration in this sophisticated but energetic kitchen. The backsplash is gorgeous and a bold focal point, but the light cabinetry and paint keep the room light and bright will making the tile pop. The darker grey island grounds it all. Chrome chairs tie the room together.

This gorgeous kitchen manages a perfect interplay between light and dark, vintage and contemporary. For kitchens with a striking contrast such as this, it's essential to decluter. "It's hard to get rid of things," Jillian say, "especially when I'm here preaching about making your home personal. But the reality is, the more you layer in, the harder it is to connect to those things. Declutter and let a few items shine rather than get lost in the mess."

For this Love It or List It Vancouver home makeover, Jillian Harris was mainly inspired by the homeowners to create the updated concept in their home. Working with the design team she made a plan to work with the warm colors and various textures that the home already had, but with an overall clean look and a touch of modern. Adding a contrasting cool white was in updating this kitchen with a modern refresh, while maintaining the mood that the homeowners already loved.



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