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Jillian and Todd Talk Season 2 of Love It or List It Vancouver

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Liz Foster, iVillage.ca

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September 9, 2013

Love It Or List It Vancouver was recently renewed for a second season and brand new episodes premiered on September 2 on the W Network. The show's hosts Jillian Harris and Todd Talbot took some time off from filming to talk to us about the show, their fans, and that famous chemistry.

"It feels pretty good," Harris said of getting the green light to film season two. "The first season is always a little bit scary because you're excited about the project but you're learning. At the end of the season you think, 'Okay I've got this.' But then you wonder if it was good enough while you were learning to sign up for a second season. I guess it was, so it's pretty exciting."

The pair promises that the second season will bring even more of what fans love.

“Our design team has evolved and the process has evolved,” Harris said. “We’re really exploring new designs and you’re going to start to see some of those changes in new episodes.”

It’s not just new designs that are being explored in new episodes. Talbot teased about a scene where he and Harris have a little fun with speedboats, and said that season two will really showcase the city.

One of the appeals of real estate in Vancouver is the lifestyle this city offers and we get to see a whole lot more of that as we move forward,” he said. “There are actually some pretty hefty budgets and we get a peek into some pretty stunning houses that are available.”

Getting a glimpse at those huge homes has been one of the show’s selling points, but fans have stayed for the pair’s playful banter. They love to riff together so much, it’s hard to get a word in edgewise to interview them!

"As cliched as it sounds, we actually did hit it off right away," -Todd Talbot

Talbot said of the pair's chemistry. When they were first auditioning for the hosting gig Harris cut the tension with a little bathroom humor right before the cameras started rolling.

"I'm like, 'Are you kidding me?!' I couldn't believe she'd just said that,” Talbot said. “One of the reasons it's fun to watch is because we have exactly the same dynamic onscreen as we have after they say cut.”

They obviously get on like gangbusters and viewers are thrilled to be along for the ride. Harris said she’s relieved that fans have embraced Love It Or List It Vancouver as its own entity.

"It's hard to follow in the footsteps of Hilary and David who have already paved the way," Harris said of fans who initially saw the pair as piggybacking the success of the show's Toronto incarnation. “In these new episodes airing now we’ve really stopped trying to model ourselves after Hilary and David and have just tried to be ourselves. Todd and I really made this show our own and we’re so grateful to have gotten so much great feedback.”

"At the beginning there's so much you're trying to absorb from a technical standpoint," Talbot explained of the filming of the first episodes. "We adopted the format that they'd established in the Toronto production and we’ve been working to make it our own and really embrace these unique personalities – Not only Jill and I but for the city and the homes. It’s a totally different esthetic in greater Vancouver. Over time we’ve taken more ownership over it and we have so much fun making it, so it’s nice to know people enjoy it.”

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