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Jillian and Justin: Our Very First Episode

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Jillian Harris

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July 6, 2017

Holy crap wasn’t last night a crazy episode?? I still have a hard time wrapping my head around the fact that we shared SO much of our lives with you!!

I know I mentioned this before but I’ve had some questions from people wondering WHY we would want to open up and share so much … actually, I’ve even came across a comment on Facebook from a lady who said she wasn’t going to watch the show because it just seemed like the life THEY were living … but that’s the point!! LOL!! We wanted to share our candid moments with you to show you that we are a family just like everyone else. We have our ups and downs and moments in between and since my Bachelorette days, I’ve been wanting to share these parts of my life with you. I feel like I’ve been pretty open over the last few years and while there have been a few bullies here and there, most people really appreciate the behind the scenes glimpses of our life … even if it’s just the opportunity to laugh your ass off at our expense!! LOL!! We truly hope you enjoy these four episodes as I feel so lucky to have the ability to share our story with you.

Jillian Harris Recap on Jillian and Justin
Okay, back to the recap … oh man … where do I even begin?? Wait. LOL! Before I start typing at Mack 10 speed here, I should also mention that the purpose of these recap blogs is to share my thoughts with you and to elaborate a bit on what happened in the episode … PLUS it’s a chance for YOU to ask me any burning questions you may have!!

Alright, let’s start with my water breaking!!! So, remember when I shared my birth story blog (read the blog post here) a few months back and I hinted about the camera crew being there?? Well, we were filming for this show and we wrapped for the day and low and behold my water broke two hours after they left!! My first initial instinct was to get ready and head to the hospital with JUST Justin. Yes, I had imagined it being just the two of us. But then, Justin mentioned he thought it would be such a unique experience to capture this on camera and while I was hesitant at first, my personality took over and my “more the merrier” mentality kicked in. I was in labour and the WHOLE film crew was there!! LOL … not really what you expect when you’re having contractions! LOL!

Jillian Harris Recap on Jillian and JustinJillian Harris Recap on Jillian and JustinJillian Harris Recap on Jillian and Justin
Back up a bit to earlier in the episode to Justin’s accident … holy sh*t!!! That was one of the scariest moments of my life … especially being pregnant with Leo! I was absolutely horrified when I spoke to him and my mind was totally racing all over the place as you can well imagine. The reaction you saw last night was REAL … we were actually in the middle of filming for Love It Or List It Vancouver when I got his call. That was my actual reaction. Literally, when you see any drama unfold in these four episodes, it wasn’t an act, it just so happened that the camera was there to catch it!

Can we also just chat about the Vancouver baby shower quickly?! OMG … watching all of this on TV … and reliving the whole thing … I was speechless!! Everything was beyond beautiful and watching it all over again made my eyes swell up with tears of joy. If you don’t remember seeing it check out the blog post recap hereMonika HibbsAly Armstrong and Shay planned and organized the WHOLE thing for me and my “bean” … aka soon to be Leo!!! I’m soooo grateful for it because it’s such a special memory that I always get to look back on!

Jillian Harris Baby ShowerJillian Harris Baby ShowerJillian Harris Baby Shower
I KNOW I’m going to get this question so I’ll address it right now while I remember … for those of you who really want to watch the Jillian & Justin show but are located in the States, we are STILL working on a way to make these available to you!! At the moment you can only view them in Canada but we’re REALLY hoping and crossing our fingers that these four episodes are responded to well here so we can eventually make them available for you in the US!

I also want to quickly add that there is no such thing as a Louis Vuitton light fixture (at least I don’t THINK there is … lol) it was just a figurative comparison to the expensive light fixtures I purchased for the house! LOL!! Actually, speaking of the home … remember the asbestos issue we had?! The bill ended up coming in $10,000 HIGHER than our original quote … I almost fainted. Which leads me to my question for YOU … has ANYONE EVER had an asbestos bill that high?!?! I’ve never heard of an asbestos job that pricey before!!

Alright loves, that’s it for me … please, PLEASE, make sure to share your feedback and ANY QUESTIONS you may have about the episode below and I’ll try my absolute BEST to answer them all!!!

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