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Imposters: Questions We Want Answered Right Away

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Natalia Buia

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March 1, 2017

Warning: This post contains spoilers from episode 4 of Imposters.

If you're into dark comedies with a lot of satisfying twists and turns, you're definitely watching our new series Imposters Tuesdays at 10 and for that I salute you. Every episode has been heart-pounding thus far and episode 4 is no exception. It was all about awkward introductions and bittersweet goodbyes. Maddie finally meets Lenny Cohen (Uma Thurman) and tries to make a run for it once she notices her in her house, which goes to show how dangeous Lenny actually is. Maddie now has to say goodbye to her sex-on-a-stick friend Patrick, or else, you know, Lenny will kill him. Or him. Or both. In a different state, The Three Mustakeers—Richard, Ezra and Jules—meet Maddie's mother under false pretenses. Ezra's the only one who meets Maddie's father who is suffering from dementia. 

This episose was action-packed and left us with a couple burning questions. (First world problem: It's hard to wait a whole week to find out more.)

Why was Mr. Heller hiding all that money under his floors? 
We're a few episodes deep in this thing and we still don't know why Maddie's mark, Mr. Heller, was hiding a crapload of money under his floor. Now that he's dead, it doesn't seem like we'll get an answer. Not from him, anyway. How did he get all this money? I mean, I know he has a great job and everything but normal people put away their money in a tax-free savings account, not underneath their hardwood floors underneath a Persian rug underneath a side table. And do NOT tell me that money came from winning a Darts tournament. Nope. Not having it!

The episode ends with Sally escaping the blood-soaked mess of a kitchen carrying the dufflebag of dough. If girl goes on a shopping spree to Holt's she better take me with her. 

Are the Three Mustakeers really going to return the phone back to Maddie's parents? 
First of all, shame on Ezra for stealing from a mentally ill person. But when you're desperate for the truth, you'll do anything and stop at nothing. I love the irony of these three people tracking down a con artist and turning into con artists themselves. Hoo boy, this is the kind of irony that Alanis Morrissette could sing about. So, say the next day/next episode they return the phone since they now have Maddie's location pinned, that means they'll have to come up with another excuse to visit the Jonson house. And quickly. These folks would notice if they didn't have their phone, right? I would notice if my phone went missing in, like, 3 seconds. But that's just me. Something tells me the Jonson's aren't glued to their phone refreshing their Instagram feed and live-tweeting the Bachelor. The Jonsons are truly the only way to get through to Maddie so of course Ezra & co. would keep them close.

What will Saffron do now that her boss is dead?  
In my dreams the appropriate answer would be Patrick. With Lenny threatening her if she ever sees Patrick again, and her boss now murdered, it seems like Saffron will dissapear into oblivion. What good will it do if she stuck around the bank? No boss, no job! Patrick will be crushed, but, hey, everyone gets ghosted sometimes. I secretly want to see more of Saffron and her perfectly tailored businesswear. Maybe she can form a new identity as a way to get in touch with Patrick again. "Hey, Patrick. I'm Saffron's long lost sister, Paprika!"

When Saffron/Maddie finds Heller's body, she tells Sally to run but sticks around, presumably to clean the mess. Silly of her to tell the cleaning lady to take a hike at this exact time. What will Saffron do with the body? Is this a job for Lenny Cohen? 

Who is the Doctor? 
When Max called The Doctor in episode 3, we didn't see much of him. All we know, besides the fact that he is evil, is that he's bald. So that narrows it down to Mr. Clean, Pitbull, Bruce Willis, Vin Deisel and a million other people in this world (Could you imagine if it was really Pitbul in glasses?!) Just before his death, Mr. Heller caught his "cleaning lady" Sally snooping through his hidden pile of money and then asked her "Do you know The Doctor?" He looked absolutely terriffied, as if he already knew his fate.

So, what connection does he has to The Doctor? Were they on good terns or bad? And is this even a real doctor like on Grey's Anatomy or is this just a code name, like how that one WWE wrestler calls himself The Punisher but really isn't. Real doctors are way too busy, you know, SAVING LIVES, to deal with a bunch of crooks. I'm so confused and need an Advil. 

Tune in to new episodes of Imposters Tuesdays at 10 E/P!


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