Imposters: Patrick's Shocking Secret Revealed

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Imposters: Patrick's Shocking Secret Revealed

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Natalia Buia

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March 15, 2017

Deep breath. Last night's episode of Imposters had me stress-eating popcorn like WHOA. 

We begin with The Three Exes confronting Maddie at the diner, demanding she give back all the money she stole from them. "There is no money. It's gone. There is no deal to be made," Maddie says, which coincidentally is the exact same thing I tell time credit card companies when they call. Ezra, Richard and Jules don't give up easy. They continue to spy on her and infiltrate her and Patrick's personal business which leads us to the first surprise of the night:

Ezra and Jules pose as Maddie's younger brother and his girlfriend in front of Patrick, on the night of Maddie's 30th birthday party. Richard later shows up posing as the bartender. "How about I make you a cocktail I invented? It's classy, clean, disappears without a trace. I call it The Alice." Richard says. Aloe stocks are on the rise after that burn.

It's extremely entertaining to see Maddie squirming around in her perfectly tailored pink dress. After all the havoc she wrecked on those three, it's about time she paid the price. Maddie kept sneaking off to the bathroom calling Max and begging for him to get her out of this mess. Patrick is completely aloof which is understandable since he's too busy throwing the best birthday party ever! Seriously. There's an open bar, a DJ spinning the hottest hits, fireworks display and a hundred guests who Maddie never even talks to (how rude!). 

Patrick is the sweetest guy ever. Any chance he's Canadian? He needs to apply for The Bachelor Canada immediately. He ends Maddie's birthday with a surprise getaway weekend complete with designer luggage. Swoon.

As the sun's going down and the liquor's running out, Max finally shows up to scare the bejeezus out of the Three Muskateers:

Max is all "GET THE EFF OUT OF HERE" like a parent telling their kids to get out of their bedroom except more angrily and violently. The gang retreat to their sketchy motel so Jules can nurse her brutal hangover. Ezra gets word that his dad had a heart attack so he bails to go home and take care of the fam jam. It's up to Richard to find Patrick and warn him that his precious new girlfriend is a notorious con artist. He follows Patrick's car all the way downtown.

Side note: Where are all these cities were you can just find parking right in front of your building?! Richard almost loses him because he's caught up trying to pay for parking. Bless his heart.

Alas, he finds Patrick. But there's just one thing. One small, little thing. It's probably not a big deal. 

Patrick is an FBI agent. His "sister" and his "aunt" are also FBI. THEY ARE ALL FBI. 

Looks like Maddie isn't the only one with a double life. How exactly does he plan on taking down Maddie and her den of thieves? Will Richard warn Maddie that she's sleeping with the enemy? 

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