Imposters Finale: One Last Shocking Con

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Imposters Finale: One Last Shocking Con

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Natalia Buia

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April 12, 2017

Twists and turns are always expected on a show like Imposters. The season finale was no exception. Season one ends with a final con by the most unexpected character. Ezra revealing to have conned Maddie and the FBI by stealing the highly valued engagement ring. It's an act that no one saw coming, not even his partners Jules and Richard. 

Let's back it up like a Tonka truck for a minute. 

The day of Maddie and Patrick's wedding, the FBI were waiting for the Doctor's arrival, but completely unaware that Max was posing as the bald-headed antagonist instead. The plan was to bait the Doctor with a briefcase with one million dollars stashed inside. Like most weddings, whether they are genuine or manufactured by government agents, things don't go according to plan. 

While Patrick was under the guise that Maddie was working with him, Maddie worked against him to save her former husbands and wife - and herself, too. Jules distracted the flirty FBI lady and created a fire in the gift room where the briefcase was placed. Richard, posing as Freddie Mercury posing as a valet guy broke into every car parked outside and disabled them. They switch the money briefcase with a decoy. The Doctor walks away without taking the briefcase, because Richard already hid it in his car. Maddie makes a bolt for it, Runaway Bride style. Seriously, how does she manage to outrun trained FBI agents? Girl's wearing 5-inch heels! Jesus took the wheel on that one. 

Hey, wait! That's not Maddie escaping on a boat. That's Jules!

Jules the Firestarter made a hot-change and dressed as Bridal Maddie (they do look identical from behind) to fool Patrick and the team. The REAL Maddie then had time to sneak back to Patrick's lavish pad to steal the expensive ring. Apparently it's worth a fortune! How much exactly is never revealed. Need I remind you that Kim's engagement ring from Kanye was a whopping $8 million. Just let that sink in for a moment.

The ring's not in the safe where Maddie thought it would be, so yet again, Maddie's got that "oh, FML" look on her face. Sorry, girl! You just got played. 

Speaking of being played, Max totally took one right in the nuts for ratting out Sally. Okay, that was an expression. He didn't actually get hit in the nuts. Although what he discovered hurt way more. Maddie made it so that Max never ended up with the money. The money went right back to the FBI, instead. That's what you get for snitching on the supposedly love of your life. 

Ezra, Jules and Richard's final move was supposed to be grabbing bus tickets for them and Maddie to run off together (double date?). Just like my prom date, Maddie never shows. She thought about it, as she was parked right across the street from the bus station. Do these people not look out the windows or something?! Yes, Maddie has always longed to be loved and to be a part of a family. But Maddie finally accepts what she truly is meant to be: free. Ms. Solo Dolo. 

Where is Maddie off to now? Is she just going to go hide out in a small town in the middle of the nowhere and work as a goat farmer or something? And where exactly do the three Musketeers think they're going? The FBI are coming after them like a kid after an ice cream truck. Auntie Colleen is PISSED. I was trying to count all the times she gave cut eye but I lost count after five.

When the bus took off without our Belle du Jour, that's when Ezra revealed he conned Maddie and took the ring. My, how much he has grown. Ezra is no longer a boy. He is a man! A man who steals and lies and cheats but a man nonetheless. 


The Doctor, the real Doctor this time, gives our ol' pal Lenny Cohen a call and she's just about to disassemble a man sitting at a chess table in Central Park. "We need to find Max and Maddie before the feds do," he tells her. "And those three imposters, too". 

"Will do," Lenny says with the most sinister twinkle in her eye. Wow, the heebie-jeebies I thought I conquered when I graduated high school are now back! 

Just to recap: Maddie conned Patrick. Maddie conned Max. Ezra conned Maddie. Patrick conned the wedding officiant (homeboy did NOT see any of that coming!). Somehow I have conned you into reading these recaps!

Season 2 is a long ways away but hopefully we can get more backstory on Maddie's childhood, who the real Doctor is and whether or not Ezra continues living a life of crime. I really need a long nap now.