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On Imposters, Ezra is Better With Richard Than Without

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Natalia Buia

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February 15, 2017

When it comes to great duos in pop culture, we've got Batman & Robin, Mulder & Scully, Tina & Amy to name a few. Ezra & Richard are verging on becoming a part of the exclusive club however it's often hindered by Ezra's poor decision making skills. 

On episode 2 of Imposters, the detective duo have come across intel on the real Ava/Alice but they need another $5,000 to obtain it. They decide to have a garage sale to pay off the spy guy, except you can't really make a sale when you're just giving away everything for free, Ezra! This guy needs one of those Saving Money For Dummies books pronto. After he lets a woman walk away with a free outfit, his mother comes by with a big fat cheque ... which he declines. I think I speak for everyone by saying: ARE YOU NUTS?!

Although starving and almost out of gas, Ezra goes behind Richard's back to buy some books. I'm not talking about classic lit like War & Peace (which, I'll be honest, is so sexy to see a guy read!), I'm talking about 4 or 5 books on how to con people. I'm pretty sure you can just read that stuff online for free (Shout out Wikipedia!) 

Although he's got the looks, Ezra's just not cutting it as a leader. You can't be Trudeau if you don't have backbone. Ezra should have raised money from the garage sale but instead made bupkis that day. Ezra should have stocked up on food and gas but instead he bought 5 books too many. It seems Ezra's only strong when he's around Richard. After all, it was Richard who got the spy guy to hand over intel (after punching him in the face, of course), and it was Richard who came up with the Con Code to only steal from assholes. It was also Richard's idea to pose as a gay couple in front of thereceptionist which was a genius move. As soon as Richard said "I guess they just don't want us here, babe" and put his hand over Ezra's, the front desk felt guilty and therefore gave them access to a hotel room without paying for it. 

(Side note: Does anyone else want to see if this trick works at the Royal York? Just me? Okay.)

The sophmore episode of this new series left me with a lot of questions but the one thing I don't skepticize is Ezra & Richard's chemistry. These two are giving us the bromance of the century and I hope nothing ever comes between them  not even their conjoined wife.