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Imposters: Everyone is Getting Along (For Now)

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Natalia Buia

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March 29, 2017

Wait. Are we watching the same show? All of a sudden on Imposters, the cons and the marks are all getting along. This went from Dirty Rotten Scoundrels to The Partridge Family way too fast. All that's missing is an acoustic guitar and a campfire singalong to "Kumbaya". 

We open episode 8 with the Three Muskateers meeting Maddie again at their secret diner location. Don't you love it when a large group of people hog a whole booth without ordering any food? They inform their ex-wife that Patrick's in the FBI. At first Maddie doesn't believe them and laughs in their face. But then you can see it in her face. A big fat "Oh, shiiiiiiiiiiit!" 

Maddie's instincts  are to pack up her bags and book a flight to, I'm not really sure, maybe Seychelles? I hear it's beautiful this time of year. She's in the back of a cab, regretting her life choices (girl, we've ALL been there!) when she gets a revelation. 

Instead of running (which will only get her killed), Maddie's new plan is to work with her partner Max, three jilted lovers and take Patrick down. No big deal, right? The gang all meet up and discuss the next steps in order to take Patrick, pay off the doctor and keep the FBI from ever finding out. The One Big Happy Family break off into pairs to bond over illegal activities. So sweet. 

Richard and Max break into Patrick's house to install hidden cameras. Later, they toss around the football, have some beers and talk about women. I always assumed Richard and Ezra had a beautiful bromance but now I'm not so sure anymore. 

Ezra gets to put his high school drama class skills to the test when meeting "Saffron", Patrick and his FBI sister at a restaurant. He cons them into thinking he's an angry drunk who's about to spill the beans on Maddie's true identity. In other words, Ezra isn't working FOR Maddie, he's working AGAINST her (in their eyes, anyway). Maddie's so impressed with the way Ezra pulled it off, she gives him those googly eyes and suggests they go "have a drink somewhere". Uh oh. We know what that means. We all know what that means. Nuns who have spent their whole lives in a convent know what that means!

Ezra, who must have grown balls somewhere between episode 7 and episode 8, snaps at her for flirting in French. "You don't get to do that." And he walks away, leaving her to pay for the drinks. Slick Rick for the win! 

Maddie runs back to Patrick for what I can only assume is more angry sex (yowzer!). She handcuffs him to the bed and that's when the biggest bomb drops:

"I know you're in the FBI."


Madde strikes up a deal with him. She wants the FBI to provide half a million dollars as bait to catch the Doctor. The FBI wins, the Doctor goes down, and Maddie, Max & co. are to be left alone to start over. Patrick accepts. 

But he shows his true colours when he arrests Ezra for credit card fraud, identity theft and petty larceny. Patrick tells Ezra he has to help the FBI take Maddie down or else he'll get shipped off to Big Boy Prison. What will Ezra's next move be? And exactly where will his loyalty lie? Is he #TeamMaddie or #TeamFBI. It must be a hard decision for him. I'm still trying to decide between Team Angelina or Team Jennifer* and it's been more than YEN YEARS, people! 

Next week on ImpostersMaddie struggles to keep her plan on track. Max teaches Richard tricks of the trade, while Jules has an unexpected encounter. 

*Okay, I've decided I'm for sure Team Jen.  

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