Off The Ice With Rhianna Weaver

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Off The Ice With Rhianna Weaver

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March 4, 2016

Every week, we'll get to know the Hockey Wives a little better in an exclusive series called Off The Ice. Today, we meet Rhianna Weaver, wife of Mike Weaver. 

1) Describe the moment you knew your husband was the one for you OR the moment your husband knew that you were the one for him?

I knew Mike was the one for me when we first met because I had butterflies in my stomach and when we spoke, there was never a dull moment between us. It was, and is, as if there were endless things and topics for us to talk about. We laughed so much together, and still do. One of the things I loved, and still love, about Mike is how easy it is to be with him.

2) What’s your personal motto?

Life is about having fun, enjoy the moments and create your own reality.

3) What is something you can’t start your day without?

It’s so obvious but it’s true: coffee

4) At a coffee shop, what’s your order?

Non-fat latte or an almond milk matcha latte

5) If you couldn’t be doing what you are doing, what would you be doing?

I must say that I feel so happy with where I am at in my life, but if for some reason I could not be doing what I am doing right now, I would find time to travel more. Australia has always been a dream of mine. I would also do Europe with Mike.

6) When you’re at home watching television, what are you watching?

I have a Netflix obsession. Some of the shows I’m currently into are Gilmore Girls, Downton Abbey, Homeland, The Good Wife and Scandal.

7) What’s the best advice you’ve ever been given?

Be yourself and it’s none of your business what other people think of you.

8) What’s the secret to maintaining a good work-life balance?

Have fun with everything you do!

9) On Saturdays, where can we find you?

Since Mike has retired it’s either out for dinner or just enjoying a night at home with my family :)

10) When you do get a chance to yourself, what do you do?

Watch TV, go for a facial, lie on my bio-mat, take a hot bath.

11) What’s in your fridge right now and what’s your go-to recipe?

Now that fall has arrived I’ve been making Giada De Laurentiis pumpkin ravioli with sage and toasted hazelnuts. It has a sage butter sauce, roasted hazelnuts, amaretti cookies, nutmeg and parmesan cheese. I also make soups out of anything and everything, so you will often find soup in my fridge.

12) What’s your favorite part of the day?

Love the evening when the kids’ activities are done, homework is finished and we have some family cuddle time.

13) What’s your ideal vacation spot?

I love Europe and I’m also a huge fan of Turks and Caicos. My dream is to go to Australia with the family.

14) One word to describe Canada?


15) How about success? What does that word mean to you?

Success is doing something I love. I am at the point in my life where being happy and doing what I love while making money is important. It’s also about keeping a balance between work and family.

16) Are there any special causes that you support? And if so, why?

Youth are really important to me and so I often support events that offer opportunities for young girls and boys to feel empowered and inspired. Last year, I organized a Jack & Jones shopping spree with some of the Montreal Canadiens and boys in need. It was a great night and led to a similar event with hockey wives and young girls.

17) What is the sweetest surprise your husband has ever given you?

I was in New York at a meeting and Mike sent me a Celine bag that I was eyeing for awhile. It was such a surprise to me cause Mike thinks bags are a waste of money! 

18) What’s one thing that would surprise us about being a hockey wife?

To be honest, I don’t think there is much of a surprise here: I feel like me and part of being me is being married to Mike, loving our kids and family, and going with the flow of life each day. I want what most wives and moms want: happiness and joy for my family.

19) How do you spend the holidays?

This year will be different because of Mike’s retirement, so we will have to see!

20) What’s a must-have on your holiday table?

Sweet potato casserole.

21) What’s the best present you’ve ever received?

My diamond ring after I had our daughter Ella. Sounds materialistic but diamonds are a girl’s best friend – at least for me.

22) Do you have any family traditions you’d like to share with the fans?

Our kids are young and so Disney World is still a tradition for us. We like to get away from our everyday and go somewhere fun for all of us.

23) What is your ultimate must-have item this season?

Since moving back to Canada, the cold climate has been a shock to my skin. My must-have items are a membership at Radfords Skincare in Toronto, Radford Camera Ready Balm and Radford 24 Karat Mask.


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