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How to Dress for a Second Wedding

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Anna and Kristina

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April 2, 2013

If you're walking down the aisle for a second time, congratulations! You probably know what you want—and what you don't want—and this is your chance to go for it. Whether you go with a dream dress or something you'll wear again, what you want goes. Here are some ideas to guide your dress hunt.

For Traditionalists
According to some bridal experts, second wedding fashion is an evening wear look, ivory, champagne, or blush dresses in slim, close to the body styles. If you're more along these traditional lines, an off-white floor length sheath dress or a stunning suit of your most flattering colour will suit. Head-dresses, veils and tiaras probably won't be on your list, so minimal dresses, slinky or slip-like are a great option. A scoop neck and elbow-lenth sleeves are flattering at any age.

For Risk-Takers
Wearing white is perfectly allowable for second-time brides, and if that has always been your dream, go for it! Of course, choose the shade of white that best flatters your skin tone. But rememebr, you really do have the latitude to think outside the box here; pick whatever shade (even a bright colour) that you love and try it on! If you're willing to embrace colour and be flexible on style, this is a great chance to escape wedding-only dress stores and splurge on a designer frock in a bold hue that you'll love forever.

For Everyone
Blusher veils, which cover the face, are generally a no-no for second-time brides, but it’s not a travesty if you really want one. Just make sure it matches the formality of your wedding. Alternatives to veils include hats, combs, fresh flowers, or floral headpieces, alone, or together with a beautiful up-do. Ensure that whatever you choose, it doesn’t obstruct your face.

This is a great chance to add a sparkling jewelry piece to your colelction. A statement necklace can take the place of more obvious

Full-length, cathedral trains are considered somewhat inappropriate for the second-time bride, but a shorter chapel length train is lovely. If you want a smaller, sweep train, ask your seamstress to fashion a bustle so that you can move freely.

If you're a more mature bride, natural fibers such as silks, linens, and cottons may be more comfortable as they allow better air circulation. Except for higher-grade silks, these tend to wrinkle so look for a natural fiber blended with polyester or another synthetic to retain some breathability.

You may want more coverage, but you still want to feel sexy, not matronly. Highlight the parts of your body you feel most proud of. If you're uncomfortable showing your upper arms, adding sleeves to a dress is a common request, but expensive. Taking the time to find the perfect jacket or an exquisitely beaded fitted sweater may be worthwhile.