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Hockey Wives: Stickhandling the Future



Created date

April 9, 2015


From Hockey Wives: Season 1, Episode 4

The NHL season’s in full swing and the women are finding their feet as life catches up. 

Tiffany and George are sticking to the plan, packing up, and moving to Vegas – into a house they haven’t even seen. In the midst of all the madness and stress, Tiffany jams in a planned trip to Scottsdale for a little face time with her ladies, Kodette and Brijet. 

Maripier is managing a serious bout of nerves as she prepares to host her first event in English. It’s a fundraising gala that Brandon and his teammates will attend, and MP’s stress is overshadowing the whole event. As it draws closer and she and Brandon start to quarrel, MP starts to question whether she’ll be able to get her emotions under control.  

Meanwhile, emotions are running high in Noureen’s hometown. The starlet is coming home, back to her small Georgia town, where her mother is throwing the Indian baby shower of the century. Noureen’s looking for a small family affair – a chance to re-connect with her two sisters, her parents and her best childhood friend. Of course, the forty “aunties” she’s not seen in years are just forty of many surprises...   

Across the land in Arizona, Tiffany’s finally meeting Ray. It’s quickly made clear that he’s not as eager to embrace potential retirement as George. As tensions mount, Kodette looks to ease the mood with the chaos of her two little boys. 

For the Hockey Wives and Girlfriends, these may be the moments that count, but man could they all use a break.