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Hockey Wives: Social Media Roundup - Week 7

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Taylor McIlwaine

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June 2, 2017

We gave you an an in-depth look at what our favourite Hockey Wives were up to when season 3 launched in April. Now, it's time to get caught up on what the ladies are doing today. Here’s what the ladies have been up to on Instagram!

Maripier launched a brand new makeup collection she designed for Revlon, a worldwide beauty brand! The French-Canadian starlet has never been shy about discussing her career goals and breaking out of Quebec, so this was a ‘pinch yourself’ moment for her.

She also hosted the Gala Artist’s Red Carpet in Quebec for TVA, where she rocked this killer Gucci dress. Way to go, MP!

Catherine has been busy at work with the official launch of her children’s clothing line, Alex et Estelle. In between spreading the word about her new endeavour, she shared this sweet snap of her son, Alex, who is a mini version of his father, Kris Letang. 

Erica and the rest of the Lundmark family were having a blast with their dad Jamie being home from Austria for the off-season. They even convincing him to replace his old car with this sweet ride. 

And singing him up to coach Chloe’s soccer team for the summer, without his consent.

Not to mention, a whole lot of watching Hockey Wives. Love these branded toques! So Canadian.

Things have been busy for the Vanessa, since her and David welcomed baby number 2 on Mother’s day and little Mason became a big brother.

It seems the new family of four have been adjusting to their new life with little Victoria, while still smothering baby Mason with their love.

While we may have only just seen baby Jackson arrival in the world, Mom, Emilie has been giving us plenty of baby Blum to salivate over.

With Jon home for the off-season, the pair have spent some time in Emilie’s hometown of Chicago.

And here's Jackson doing a great job of making friends

Last, but not least, Martine was on a to-die-for trip through Europe with Marc. 

Marc was playing for Team Canada in the IIHF world championships in Europe and Martine was right there in the stands to support her man.

The real icing on the whole trip though, at least for us, was that Martine visited this infamous Spice Girls location! Zig-a-zig-ah

Tune in to a brand new episode of Hockey Wives Wednesday at 10 E/P!



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