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Hockey Wives S3E8 Recap: Nobody Said This Was Easy

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Taylor McIlwaine

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June 8, 2017

This week we start things off in Montreal with Maripier as she catches up with her best friend and gets ready to head overseas to visit Brandon, who's been playing in Germany for just over a month now.

MP hopes the trip helps reconnect with her man and even maybe start planning the wedding. Brandon seems to have other plans as he doesn’t waste much time to invite his teammates out to crash their romantic reconnection. MP was less than impressed. 

It looks like the distance may be setting MP and Brandon right back where they were at start of the hockey season. MP wants babies and Brandon wants to keep playing hockey, perhaps in Germany forever. We hope these two can figure it out!

Over in Philadelphia, the holidays are over and it’s definitely been a challenging re-adjustment for the Lundmark family. Trying to get life back to normal is hard as Erica struggles to keep all the kids happy. She’s only one woman after all.

Things aren’t slowing down at work for Erica either. She hosts a big year end meeting where she celebrates the fact that her team have tripled their sales from the last year, which is pretty impressive given she literally picks all 3 kids up from school and heads to a hockey arena to get more work done. Talk about multi tasking!

Then it’s back home for the bedtime routine. It’s 3 vs. 1 as Erica wrestles to put three young kids to bed, including Facetiming with Jamie in Austria and removing Chloe’s loose tooth. 

In The O.C., an emotional Emily and Jonathon bring baby Jackson home from the hospital. 

The couple are adjusting to life at their home with their bundle of joy while Emilie’s anxiety continue to run high. Thankfully, Emilie’s parents are in town to help with the transition of sending Jon back off to Russia. 

After a month without Jon, Emilie is proud of her progress. She’s adjusted to life alone with Jackson, making sure to Facetime the new father overseas at every opportunity.

In Pittsburgh, Catherine brings Alex (and of course, the new puppy) to work with her! The task at hand is a photoshoot for her clothing line with fellow hockey wife and friend, Veronique Fleury, Alex & Estelle.

After struggling with fertility issues, Catherine is determined to give herself a purpose outside of being a mom. She heads to Montreal for the clothing line's preview launch party.

Vanessa, who is 20 weeks pregnant with her second bundle with hubby David Perron, doesn’t let that stand in the way of supporting her friend. The real cherry on top for Catherine? Since the Penguins are in Montreal to play the Canadiens, hubby Kris is front-of-the-line at the event, even helping make some sales pitches! 

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