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Hockey Wives S3E7 Recap: The Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

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Taylor McIlwaine

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June 1, 2017

It's a holly, jolly episode this week as the women celebrate the holidays with their loved ones.

We kick things off in Montreal where Martine is in town to watch Marc and the San Jose Sharks take on the Montreal Canadiens right before Christmas. Surrounded by a ton of their family and friends, Mrs. Vlasic jumps on the opportunity to celebrate the holidays early. 

Back in San Jose, one of the Vlasic girls, Kelly, has tore both of her ACLs which has put some unforeseen anxiety on Martine’s plate, especially since her man is about to embark on a long trip with the team.

The extra stress over the holidays creates a bit of tension between the couple, who ultimately make the decision to put their plan to start a family on hold again.  Not a pair to argue, the lovebirds quickly make up, just in time to exchange gifts and share a cozy holiday evening together.

Across the States in Pittsburgh, Catherine and Kris officially make the decision to get Alex the puppy he’s been begging for as a Christmas present. 

In the meantime, Catherine gets together with Jordan Cole, the wife of Kris’ Defence partner, to prepare some gifts for charity. It doesn’t take long for the two to discuss babies and how nice it would be if Catherine and Kris could give Alex a little brother or sister.

For now, it’s all about a puppy as the couple head to pick one out and bring the little guy home to surprise Alex. Welcome to the family, Buddha!

Back on the West coast, in the O.C., Emilie and Jonathon endure some at-home baby training with just a few hours left before delivering Baby Blum.

Despite a lot of nerves and anxiety about how her delivery is going to go, it’s time! Emilie heads to the hospital to begin the induction process and the next morning the contractions have started.

After just over 10 hours of labour, Jackson Theodore Blum makes his entrace into the world and an emotional mom and dad try very hard to avoid thinking about what it will look like in a few days when it’s time for Jon to head back to Russia. 

Meanwhile, Erica and the kids land back in Philadelphia following their 6 week visit to Austria just in time for the holidays.

She mentions how terribly debilitating it is for her and the kids to constantly say goodbye to Jamie. To add insult to injury, Erica receives a not-so-nice note from a co-worker suggesting she missed a lot of time at the office with her team. 

Not one to let things get her down, Erica gets to work with some friends on putting up her mega Christmas tree, one that her and Jamie purchased together in their early 20s and that now she decorates with the kids. For Eria and Jamie, it’s important that their kids have strong holiday traditions and memories of what Christmas is like with their family.  

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