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Hockey Wives S3E6 Recap: Hellos and Goodbyes

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Taylor McIlwaine

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May 25, 2017

Things got extremely emotional this week as one hockey wife was reunited with her husband while another had to say goodbye to hers. 

While in Toronto for business, Maripier catches up with her girlfriend for dinner. During the meal she drops a major bomb. Brandon has finally found a hockey team…in Germany!

Joining the Nurnberg Ice Tigers for the rest of the season means Brandon will be playing hockey again, but an ocean away from his fiance. Excited to finally be able to answer the question, "how is Brandon?" with some positive news, MP prematurely lets the news slip to french media. Whoops. 
Back in Montreal, the two are busy renovating their condo and trying to plan a wedding. Brandon confronts MP about her slip-up before the two say their goodbyes. There were a lot of tears. 

Meanwhile, in San Jose, we can’t get enough of seeing Martine and Marc spend time together! The pair get silly chatting about how Marc's incredible season.

Martine says it’s all things Hockey and #TeamVlasic when they're in San Jose. Martine confesses to a fellow hockey wife that she may not have been being completely honest with herself when she said she was done trying for a baby.

She reveals that the ‘“failure” of multiple miscarriages was very hard for her and especially for the NHL superstar. But, Martine is excited about the chance to give Baby Vlasic another go!

In what may be the sweetest reunion of all time, Erica and the kids land in Austria and are reunited with their patriarch, Jamie!  

The entire Lundmark crew are going to be spending the next 6 weeks together in Klagenfurt, a trip that has become a ritual now that Jamie's playing hockey overseas. Erica describes the trip as a “life vacation” where “the weight of the world is lifted off [her] shouders”

The whole family kick things off with some sightseeing before Austin laces up for a game with the KAC, and the gang take in one of dad’s games. So cute to see everyone rooting for Jamie! 

In Orange County, Jonathan is home for rehab post-surgery on his elbow. Emilie says she feels their priorities are different now that she’s weeks away from giving birth. Jonathan now has to focus on being able to get back to work.

Vowing to put Jonathan to work on baby prep, the couple set out to install Baby Blum’s car seat.  

Later, we learn that Jonathan and Emilie are struggling with the fact that the baby will be born in the same hospital that Jonathan’s mom passed away just a year ago. Searching for a silver lining, Jonathan is eager to associate some happier memories with the space. 

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