Hockey Wives S3E4 Recap: Two Different Worlds

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Hockey Wives S3E4 Recap: Two Different Worlds

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Taylor McIlwaine

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May 11, 2017

This week we’re facing off back where it all began for Maripier and Brandon: the Big Apple!

Brandon is in town to meet MP in the city where they first met. It’s been over a month since the pair have seen each other, following Brandon’s cut from the Leafs, potentially sealing his fate for the NHL season.

MP is struggling with her two worlds, the one where she’s a career-driven and successful independent and the one where she’s a supportive hockey wife.

The pair tackle the difficult discussion around the current state of their relationship and agree to be kinder to each other and consider putting their relationship before their careers.

Back in her hometown of Chicago, Emilie is visiting with her parents and sister before she gets ready to head to Russia.

Her family uses the opportunity to throw her a baby shower, but things get uncomfortable quickly for Emilie as she fields all kinds of questions about travelling to Russia and having to induce the birth so that Jonathan can be there.

Convincing her mom has proven especially difficult.

Meanwhile, in Philadelphia, Erica is tying up loose ends before heading to Austria with the kids to see Jamie for a couple of weeks.

That means packing up the house and getting things organized at the office.

Before they head overseas, Erica and her first-line trio hit her family’s diner for a going-away party that doubles as a 36th wedding anniversary celebration for her parents.

In St Louis, Vanessa’s sister is in town for a visit!

It isn’t long before Vanessa drops the news that she and David are expecting baby #2… right around Playoffs!

The pressure is on for Vanessa, since, so far, David’s been busy with the Stanley season.

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