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Hockey Wives: Relationship On Ice



Created date

April 14, 2015


From Hockey Wives: Season 1, Episode 5

Days after packing up her life and moving to Vegas, Tiffany’s hopping on a plane to Montreal. Maripier is in serious need of a reality check, and Tiffany’s determined to help get her priorities with Brandon in check.    

Meanwhile, Nicole’s en route to Vegas for a hockey tournament and a much-needed break. Dustin’s coming along as the “coach”, but he seems less interested in the team and more interested in the fans asking for autographs. Looks like the ladies on the ice will have to go it alone…     

Emilie’s at Jon’s game to participate in a military charity event, and it’s got her thinking about the future. After connecting with fellow veterans, she has questions for Jon about their life together – will it include kids, more military for Emily, or perhaps giving up the NHL altogether? It’s time to make the tough decisions.   

And Kodette and the boys are getting Jason back for the night, while the Ducks play the Flames. Kodette’s delighted, but it means Jason won’t even be able to stay the night. Kodette’s feeling overwhelmed and is working hard to hold it together. Jason comes home to cold meatloaf for dinner… not quite the welcome home he was expecting. Can the two re-connect with such a short visit?