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Hockey Wives: Pop Ups And Power Plays



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May 5, 2015


From Hockey Wives: Season 1, Episode 8

Fancy friends, journalists, industry insiders, hockey buddies, and dazzling fashionistas are gearing up for the It event of the weekend. Tiffany and George are coming to Toronto to showcase their lines at a pop-up party in one of the hottest shops in the city. For now, the Parros future is strongest in fashion, so they’re going at it hard. Still, George is scheduled to do some hockey commentating for Sportsnet while he’s in T.O., so maybe the future is there as well. For now, Tiffany’s ignoring the future to focus on a closet full of shoes… Tiff’s pal, Barbie Blank (pro wrestler "Kelly Kelly" and wealthy WAG fiance of Sheldon Souray), needs help reorganizing her designer shoe closet and Tiffany could use the meditation…

Noureen is ready to pop and, as they say in LA, sh#t’s getting real. The birthing class that she and Ryan are taking has got her concerned about what comes next. Noureen's coach is trying to prepare her for the pain of childbirth and, after 20 seconds, she’s tapping out. Noureen does not do pain. Still, when her water breaks, pain is the last thing on her mind. Welcome, Baby Miller.

Maripier's agent is encouraging her to expand into the English-language market, and MP likes the idea. It means more job security in the event Brandon gets traded. So, while she’s supporting Tiffany’s Plain Threads pop-up in Toronto, she agrees to do an English radio interview for practice. However, when the interviewer only wants to talk about Brandon, MP’s reminded that breaking into the English market on her own terms is going to take some work.

For MP, everything’s feeling a little up in the air, and when she and Tiff, Kodette and Brijet get together for some friendly axe throwing in Toronto, it becomes clear Tiff’s got an axe to grind about her relationship with Brandon.

Emilie and Jon are also in town, with Jon playing a night in Toronto. They’re happy to have a chance to support Tiff and George, and Jon and George spend some time catching up. Jon’s focused on his future too, wondering aloud about playing in Europe. For the first time, Emilie’s putting her foot down. She gave up her dreams in the military to support Jon’s dream of pro hockey in America. Europe is not where she wants to raise a family. Jon and Emilie are accustomed to uncertainty – it’s brought them closer together. For the first time, they’re up against something that could truly tear them apart.  For now, though, it’s party time.