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Hockey Wives: Married To The Game



Created date

March 19, 2015


From Hockey Wives: Season 1, Episode 1

We meet the majority of the cast as these wives and girlfriends adjust to their new lives as temporarily single women. Envied by a continent, they all struggle to stay afloat amidst high profile careers, demanding kids, lonely partners, and, occasionally, gripping insecurity.

As each woman navigates a different reality, they look to each other for support – the group of women that truly understands what it is to live with the threat of a trade, the daily uncertainty of injury, and the painful realities of skating past your prime. 

Nicole Brown, Veteran WAG and Captain’s wife, throws a dinner for the girls, which gets a little tense. Tiffany Parros is tired of the pity she gets when people find out George isn't playing, so she brings along actress, Noureen DeWulf, to shock the ladies with news of her recent Playboy pregnancy shoot. 

In Montreal, Maripier Morin hosts a high-powered red carpet for the Habs season opener, while her enforcer boyfriend, Brandon, gets his head back in the game. And Brijet Whitney, who’s been through it all before, consoles Emilie Blum as her husband, Jon, fights hard to stay in the league.

We’re outside the rink and deep into the lives of these women as we begin to understand, truly, what it means to be married to the game.