Hockey Wives: On Love & Relationships

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Hockey Wives: On Love & Relationships

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March 3, 2016

Out of all the things that the Hockey Wives have going for them, love and relationships are major strengths. We had a lot of burning questions to ask, and thankfully, the Hockey Wives have answered! Read what they have to say on what it takes to make love and relationships work. 

How did you know that your partner was 'The One'?

Ashley Booth: “I was at dinner with a girlfriend and I missed David's first call to me. I can't tell you how much I did NOT want to call him back. But I was on a long road trip alone so I thought it would pass the time. I called him back, and the conversation kept going and going. It wasn't the typical surface level questions . . . I had the weirdest feeling when I got off the phone with David after that conversation. I remember saying out loud, "Wow. It wasn't supposed to go that well." (Photo credit: Twitter/@ashleyebooth)

Keshia Chante: "When we met, [Ray] had a life altering surgery and the rehabilitation process was grueling, but he worked hard and was so positive throughout it all. He was still an incredible companion to me during a hard time for him. That's when I truly knew. It's when you can't be without the person because they make your days that much better."

Kodette LaBarbera: "When I really got to know Jason and see what a big heart he has. He was so kind, patient and thoughtful and I just knew it was going to work. He's my balance - I have very little patience!" 

What was your best date ever? Or what makes the ideal date? 

Angela Price: "We are both super low-key, so just ordering take out and hanging out at home in our pajamas makes up a pretty great date. I am also a big fan of "day dates”. Going for a hike and grabbing lunch or coffee is something I always look forward to doing with my husband." (Photo credit: Twitter/@byangelaprice)

Keshia Chante: "The best date ever was a surprise yacht trip that Ray planned in the Bahamas, we took jet skis out to a deserted island and had a picnic lunch there, then dinner on the boat overlooking the sunset."

Kodette LaBarbera: "Our best date ever, was when Jason surprised me with a trip to Napa. We had amazing tours, dinners, spa days. It was unreal!"

What do you think are the three best ways to really get to know someone?

Rhianna Weaver: 
1. Flying with someone and the airplane gets delayed or cancelled is when you really get to see the person in a stressful situation
2. Going to a restaurant and seeing how they treat the wait staff
3. Being on a TV show together :)

Angela Price:
1. Meeting their family 
2. Being in a stressful situation. (I always say true character comes out when things are not going well in an airport)
3. Doing something with them from their childhood. I feel like some of our best bonding time is when we visit Carey's childhood home town.

Ashley Booth:
1. Adapting to changes together
2. Living in very small spaces
3. Seeing each other at your high points AND low points

What’s the secret to making a relationship work?

Keshia Chante: "Great communication, teamwork, being empathic towards one another, showing love and appreciation, prioritizing the relationship, sharing a great sense of humour and actually accepting that to have anything great in life takes consistent work." (Photo credit: Twitter/@KeshiaChante)

​Kodette LaBarbera: "Communication is key and ALWAYS have something for yourself like a hobby or activity."

Rhianna Weaver: "I believe it's about having respect for one another, kindness and allowing each other freedom and space. Mike is always so proud of me when a new opportunity presents itself. He encourages me to follow my dreams.  Creating some alone, quality time together is also so important. Go on a date, grab a coffee. Just enjoy each other."

What was your favourite moment of your proposal? Did anything funny or unexpected happen? 

Kodette LaBarbera: "Jason was going to propose on the beach, but there was a guy lurking around with a metal detector and Jason didn't want to do it in front of him- he got so nervous!" (Photo credit: Twitter/@KodetteLaBarbs)

Ashley Booth: "I thought David was joking when he asked me to marry him. Earlier that day I was admiring his gold medal rings from the World Juniors. He took one from my hand and said, “You are the gold medal in my life” . . . So as he is saying something incredibly sweet through shot nerves I say, 'OMG, I hate you stop.' Then he opened the box and my first thought was 'That's not his World Juniors ring...'"

Angela Price: "I loved that it was just us in our home. Simple and low key - just like us."

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