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Hockey Wives: Love & Loathing in LA



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April 23, 2015


From Hockey Wives: Season 1, Episode 6

Brijet is hosting a big party in LA for her website, Obsessions of a Hockey Wife, and everyone’s invited. Of course, not everyone’s in the mood to party… 

As Tiffany boards the plane to LA, George is announcing his retirement. It’s news that will rock Tiffany’s world, and given the city’s obsession with hockey, LA is the last place she wants to be. Tiffany’s got her guard up and is in no mood for a pity party.  

Of course, maybe business will distract her. Maripier and Martine are flying in for a Plain Threads photo shoot. Martine’s feeling uneasy, leaving her newborn for the first time, and Maripier’s feeling farther from motherhood than ever. MP’s nervous about her “girlfriend” status in the run up to the wives’ party, and Tiffany’s setting the record straight regarding her relationship with Brandon.

All of the women are struggling with uncertainty. Emilie is working to grow her photography business, embracing the hockey wives as a promising client base, and Kodette’s glad to be in LA with the women who understand her best. Nicole’s working overtime to manage a mansion build alongside the stress of the season, and Noureen is wrapping up her life in LA as she prepares for her move and the role of a lifetime…