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Hockey Wives: Home Fire Burnout



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March 26, 2015


From Hockey Wives: Season 1, Episode 2

While most of the women complain of loneliness, Brijet Whitney hasn’t seen this much of her husband in 23 years. Ray’s now a free agent weighing the option of retirement. Brijet’s very aware of the divorce statistics, which skyrocket after retirement. She’s determined to beat the odds, but truth be told, it’s been a long time since they really had a life together. 

Meanwhile, Kodette adjusts to single motherhood in Calgary, while her husband, Jason LaBarbera, starts his season in the US. Having chosen to raise their autistic son in Canada, Kodette’s feeling the isolation of this decision and two months and counting feels like a long time to be a family apart.  

Martine Forget has given up a jet setting career as a lingerie model to settle in Toronto with her fiancé, Leafs Goaltender Jonathan Bernier, and their infant son. She’s having trouble with her post-birth body, wondering if she’ll ever reclaim her career.   

Maripier is working overtime to keep it together. Her star’s on a meteoric rise in Montreal and she can barely keep up with the pace. Meanwhile, pregnant Noureen is shooting Anger Management in L.A. She’s starting to realize that much of her first pregnancy is going to be spent away from her man she loves. For two people in the white hot years of their lives, the hardest thing to manage is their schedule.

The season’s in full swing and these ladies are taking one for the team with a whole lot of tears and tequila.