Hockey Wives: Family Skate


Hockey Wives: Family Skate



Created date

April 28, 2015


From Hockey Wives: Season 1, Episode 7

The holidays have a way of bringing out the people in people.

MP and Brandon are heading to Quebec City with their families, and MP’s the only one in the group who can speak both languages. Of course, right now, she’s only focused on the language of love. It’s Christmas, and MP wants a ring. She’s ready to join the family, but the family may have something else in mind.  

Kodette has Jason back at home, and is enjoying a much-needed reprieve from single motherhood. The four LaBarberas are spending time together as a family, skating and hanging out, and good news from Ryder’s therapists means more family time may be on the way.

Ray has formally announced his retirement just days before heading to Utah to play a celebrity alumni tournament with George. Tiffany and Brijet are joining the guys for a day off on the Park City slopes, and the guys are lacing up for the first time in years without the fear of getting injured.

Martine’s dealing with injured egos at home, as her husband and his team recover from a particularly tough loss. This year’s Christmas card shoot was supposed to be a fun way to introduce their new family, but Martine’s thinking she may now have to introduce baby Tyler alone, since Jonathan’s not feeling much like smiling. Martine’s asking Santa for a win.