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Hockey Wives: The Breakout Play



Created date

April 2, 2015


From Hockey Wives: Season 1, Episode 3

Desperate to escape the LA gossip, Tiffany hits the road to house hunt in Vegas. The clock’s ticking on her moving date and, if something doesn’t change soon, she and George will be homeless by month’s end.

Emilie’s also on the move. Jon’s been sent down to the AHL, after failing to secure a spot on the Minnesota roster.  It’s 4 am, and they’re on their way back to Iowa. As she moves them into a hotel, Emilie does her best to keep a brave face.  

Noureen continues to be non-stop in Hollywood, working to find time for Ryan before their baby is born! When the game schedule lands him in LA, Noureen uses the opportunity to give Ryan a crash course in fatherhood. 

While Noureen and Ryan adjust to the idea of parenting, Martine is happy to be getting a break. After months spent at home as a full time mom, she’s slowly returning to work. Still, she’s worried sick about leaving her newborn with a sitter. And, she’s also anxious about her figure. Not yet back to her pre-baby weight, Martine’s uncertain her modeling career can rebound.

Of course, while Martine is thinking about lingerie, Nicole is consumed by a very different kind of costume. This is her first Halloween with four kids and no husband at home, and she is treading water. Dustin’s having a hard time on the road, missing his family and struggling with loneliness. While she may be coveted the Captain’s wife, Nicole is ready to throw in the towel for a simple 9-5 life with her man.