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Girlfriends' Guide to Hockey Terms

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Taylor McIlwaine

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April 19, 2017

Not every gal is enthused about joining their significant other in front of the tv or in a cold arena for a good ol’ fashioned game of puck. Some of us just need a little help learning the ropes. You may be surprised to learn that you can get  wrapped up in the fandom very quickly.

In an attempt to help get you started on your new journey as a hockey fan, we put together a list of terms that you’re going to need to know. Let’s start off slowly here, these are the ones you’ll definitely want to know before heading into a den of hockey fans:

NHL: National Hockey League, Canada & The United States.

KHL: Kontinental Hockey league, Belarus, China, Croatia, Finland, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Russia and Slovakia.

DEL:The Deutsche Hockey League, Germany

Periods: There are 3 of them in a hockey game, 20 minutes each.

Referee: The officials of the game, responsible for calling goals/penalties and starting/stopping play. 

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Goal: When the puck finds the back of the net!

Faceoff: When the puck is dropped between two players from opposing teams, starts the play!

Assist: Earned by up to two players of the scoring team, who helped achieve the goal, by way of passing or deflecting the puck towards the teammate who ultimately scored the goal. (Bonus fact: Maximum two assists per goal)

Icing: if a player shoots the puck across both the red line and blue without another playing touching it, play is stopped and a faceoff happens in the zone of the team who committed the “crime.”

Power Play: When one team is up a man (or men) due to the other team taking a penalty. (Bonus!: Penalty kill is the term used when a team is able to prevent any goals against while being down players, while a shorthanded goal is if the team scores while down men)

Goalie: Minder of the net, protector against goals.

Defenseman:A player, other than the goaltender, in a defensive position.

Forward: A player position whose primary responsibility is to score and assist goals.

Hat Trick: When the same player scores 3 goals in one game, he has scored a hat trick!

Gordie Howe Hat Trick: When the same player scores a goal, gets an assist and into a fight in one game. (bonus fact: named after hockey legend, Gordie Howe)

The Stanley Cup: The championship trophy awarded at the end of each season to the NHL playoff winner.

Penalty Types:

Roughing: When one player hits another during a fight that the referees deems not serious enough for a major penalty.

Slashing: When one player his another with his stick in an attempt to block a play or cause injury.

Tripping: When a player uses his stick or body to cause another player to… well… trip.

Cross checking: When a player makes a body check with both hands on the stick.

And finally, here’s a little something extra, some bonus slang terms, to really impress people with your knowledge:

Apple: An assist.

Barn: The rink/arena.

Bucket:  Helmet.

Chirp: Trash talk between players, the benches, sometimes even the officials.

Snipe: Powerful, well-executed shot that ends in an impressive goal.


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