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Finale Recap: Tears, Fears and Cheers

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Sarah Pugsley

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November 23, 2016

Jasmine's heart is torn in two and she desperately needs one last chance with each of the men in order to resolve her feelings and make the right choice.

She knows that she could very well be spending the rest of her life with one of these men, and that means saying goodbye to the other.

But before she decides, she needs to see them both one last time, in order to figure out who is the right man for her.

Spoilers Ahead!

For their last date, Jasmine takes Kevin to a place that reminds her of the place that they first connected - another cave!

Unfortunately, her family still wonders if he is really ready for something serious with Jasmine - and so does she! There have been incidents where when things get difficult, Kevin has bailed and that’s a concern for her and her family. Jasmine reveals these fears to Kevin - will he shut down on her and eventually leave her when things get tough? He re-assures her and she is able to see that he is genuine, and she tells him that she is falling in love with him.

Jasmine meets Mikhel in search of clarity on their bond. Is what they have together enough to move on into a life together? She looks into his eyes and can tell that they would have a connection that can last, and she lets him know that she is falling in love with him.

Mikhel chooses a more simple ring design, opting out of something overly flashy. Kevin struggles with the idea that he may have to say goodbye to Jasmine and has a tough time focusing on choosing a ring and the idea of moving forward with her. He feels he may have made a crucial mistake by giving her an "out", and his blessing if she chooses Mikhel.

It’s proposal day and when Mikhel meets Jasmine on the beach, he has found the confidence that he lacked in the past and is ready to put it all on the line for Jasmine. Unfortunately, he is not the man that she has chosen to spend her life with, and she turns him away and tells him that she has developed a stronger relationship with Kevin. There is someone out there for you Mikhel! We’re sure of it!

At long last, Kevin meets Jasmine on the beach to the sound of the words that he has been waiting to hear from her all this time. She tells him that she loves him, and he proposes. She is the girl of his dreams and likewise, Jasmine couldn’t feel more confident in her decision to be with him. Congrats Jasmine & kevin!!!!

After the Final Rose, Jasmine meets Mikhel on stage in tears, still sad for having said goodbye to him. Jasmine admits that it has been very hard for her to watch the series and that it has not been easy. She wants the best for Mikhel, and they are both hopeful for each other’s futures.

When a newly short-haired Kevin comes out to meet her on stage, their chemistry is apparent. They both admit that it has been a long summer and that the waiting has been hard for them but now, they’re the most excited to keep it simple, go out on simple dates and spend some quality time together. They’ve stayed as close as they can and are both very excited to start their journey together.

Best wishes to the happy couple! We hope for nothing but the best for you as you continue on your journey together!



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