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Exclusive Interview With Tessa & Scott

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January 2, 2014

You might know Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir as the world's best ice dancers, but this gorgeous young duo is opening the door on their lives and careers with a new series on W Network, Tessa & Scott, premiering Thursday January 2 at 8 E/P.

Your ice skating career has lasted almost two decades. Can you name a moment when you realized this was going to be your life?
We were both so young when we started skating together. I (Scott) had a passion for hockey and I (Tessa) was dedicated to ballet. When both of us decided we were going to give up our other loves to become figure skating partners, we realized we could be skating together for a long time.

Tell us something that drives you crazy about one another...
Scott is usually late.

Scott: Tessa is a perfectionist in all ways. For example, her hair always has to be perfect for an interview or competition; she makes me look goofy next to her.

Do you ever feel competitive towards one another? And does that help or hinder your dynamic?
Of course, as athletes we would be doing ourselves a disservice if we were not competitive with one another. We try to harness our competitiveness into one because in our sport we are always acting as two people in unison striving to perform as one.

Tessa, is there anything you wish you could've done as a teenage girl but missed out on it?
I really loved to dance, specifically ballet as a child. When I was young I had to make the decision to give up a career with the National Ballet of Canada to continue figure skating. It was a tough decision but I am glad that I get to combine both dance and skating now.

Tessa, if you hadn’t chosen a life skating, what do you think you would have done?
I love to dance – so I would probably be involved in the dance world.

Scott, if you didn't come from a family of ice skaters, do you think you would've done it on your own?
When I was making the decision to either work toward being an ice hockey player or a figure skater the decision ultimately came down to Tessa. We both gave up something (Tessa gave up Ballet) in order to stay together. Either way, I would have been a hockey player or a figure skater so I guess I can say the rink is in my genes.

Scott, if you could take a day off from your busy life and do just about anything you wanted, what would you do?
Training in Michigan or travelling for competitions, we typically do not spend a large amount of time with family and friends. The time I do get off, I enjoy spending with family and close friends, typically back in London.

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