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Episode 9 Recap: Havana Fantasy

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Sarah Pugsley

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November 9, 2016

Hometown dates are over and we’re down to the final two men! This week, in part 1 of the Season Finale, Jasmine, Mikhel, and Kevin are in Cuba where her journey will end with one of them.

This week, in aPrt 1 of the Season Finale, Jasmine, Mikhel, and Kevin are in Cuba where her journey will end with one of them.

It’s time for fantasy dates, where she can get some real one-on-one time with each of them.

It's also a chance for them to meet with Jasmine’s family so she can get more insight into who might be best suited for her.

If you’ve not yet seen the episode you can do so here, otherwise, it’s off to Cuba!

Spoilers Ahead!

Mikhel Fantasy Date:
Mikhel meets Jasmine at the docks knowing that he has some explaining to do. His emotions were all over the place at the last rose ceremony, and he made sure she knew it when he stormed away saying NO! when she asked if anything was wrong.

He knows it’s rattled Jasmine's faith in him. As they sail over the waters in the catamaran, her fears are put to rest when Mikhel opens up about his feelings of insecurity and lets her know how badly he wants to let those go to be with her.

Jasmine and Mikhel arrive at a private island where they enjoy an intimate dinner together. With the hard conversations behind them, they start to relax and focus on being together. There is no hesitation on either side when they open the Fantasy Suite card and they cap the night off with a sunset swim before heading back to their room to enjoy a full night together.

Kevin W. Fantasy Date:
Kevin and Jasmine drive to Old Havana in a classic car and it's a perfect start to a romantic day. As they walk through the square together, they stop to have their fortune read and find out that they are going to have a million kids and also millions of dollars...bit of good news, bit of bad news I guess.

As they settle into a romantic evening of drinks on the water, Kevin gives her a ripped up 'Final Rose' headline that apparently some rando lady on a flight gave him. So obviously him and that lady feel he has what it takes to be the last man standing. If this ripped up tabloid from a stranger isn't enough to convince her then I don't know what is.

Jasmine opens up to Kevin about how her heart is torn and lets him know that she simply cannot give him the reassurance he needs to put all of his fears to rest. He lets her know that it has not been easy to share her, but he 's in love with her and wants nothing more than to see her happy. They both readily accept the Fantasy Suite proposal knowing that they need the time together more than ever.

Meet the Family:
Jasmine has brought her mother, sister, and (lawyer) friend Laurelly together to meet (cross-examine) Mikhel and Kevin. These girls know how to dress - look at this coordination! I'd say that's wedding-ready style right there.

Mikhel meets Jasmine's family and makes an amazing first impression. He fields all of Jade and Laurelly's questions before telling them how much he loves her. He asks for their permission to propose and follows this up with a convo with her mom, where he is open about his overwhelming feelings for Jasmine. While Jasmine's family came in skeptical, they are won over by Mikhel’s honesty and sincerity and they share a cry-hug together. 

Kevin comes in to meet the family with an air of confidence, but it reads as cocky to Jasmine's family. They see him as a potential womanizer and a heartbreaker - exactly the kind of guy Jasmine would have picked in the past and that is worrying to her family. But Kevin manages to pull out the charm and convince Jasmine's family that he does very much love her. He wins over their approval if she does choose him in the end.

Jasmine is in love with two men and having them meet with her family has only left her more confused. Will Jasmine pick the man who gives her butterflies or the man who offers security and stability? How in the world will she decide who to let go?!

Tune-in next week for the explosive Men Tell All special! Tuesday, 9 E/P.