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Episode 8 Recap: The Risk is Worth The Reward

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Sarah Pugsley

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November 1, 2016

Three incredible men left with three incredibly nerve-racking hometown dates to go!

This is Jasmine's opportunity to get a deeper look into these guys lives and see how they interact with their families.

Jasmine is excited and terrified to bring loved ones into the process. But she is ready, and knows that it means she will also be meeting her future family in law!

If you've not yet watched the episode, you can do so here. Otherwise, it's off to hometowns!


Mikhel picks Jasmine up on his motorcycle and takes her to his favourite place - an abandoned drive-in where he likes to go to look at the stars and contemplate life.

She is the first girl that he has had (and terrified) on the back of his bike, and he is ready to open up. And so, he straddles his bike backward and reveals that he has fallen in love with her.

And it's off to meet the fam! Jasmine is welcomed into Mikhel’s family with open arms...

Is there a family that is more sweet,  fun, and down to earth than Mikhel’s family?? Dreamfam. His mom and sister are both excited to meet Jasmine and are quick to see that they make the perfect couple, but his Dad is a bit weary. He warns Mikhel about the dangers of “offering up everything on a platter” aka giving away the milk for free. 
Mikhel defends his feelings for Jasmine and reveals to his Mom that he is head over heels in love. Same tbh...but with Mikhel’s fam!

Mike and Jasmine meet in the park where Mike and his family enjoyed their best times together. 

After a stroll through the picturesque park, they sit down under a beautiful cherry blossom tree, but Mike struggles to express his feelings in conversation. 
Contrary to Mike’s predictions, Mike's family falls for Jasmine as soon as they realize she's a Kenora girl.  And OMG who is this Canadian gem???

If the sun comes out in Winnipeg, John will be ready for it.

Jasmine fits right in with them and would fit right in with Mike's life...if only he could manage to put his fears aside and give himself over to her fully. Mike's father and his best friend take turns encouraging him to let go of his fears and take a chance on love. Hearing their words and seeing Jasmine in his world hits home for Mike and he readies himself to tell her how he feels before she departs...but he can't bring himself to do it. Jasmine leaves without knowing that he is falling in love with her, which puts her in a really difficult place.

Kevin picks Jasmine up (literally) and whisks her away to his University football stadium.

There he opens up about a life-changing moment where he realized he was unhappy and unfulfilled in his life and decided to make a change. Kevin tells Jasmine that he loves her and that even though he sometimes struggles to show it, she makes him feel happy and safe.  

Kevin introduces Jasmine to his tight-knit family. A momma's boy to the core, he is most concerned about his Mom's reaction (and with good reason). She is very skeptical of the situation and is not ready to accept Jasmine with open arms. She thinks Jasmine talks too much, she is condescending to her and is closed off to the idea of the relationship from the start.

In general, she seems slightly more concerned with how the relationship may affect her than she is about Kevin’s own happiness. Is a mother really ever replaced by a wife/gf?? Doubt that. ANYway…she wants to know that the woman who will “replace her” is worthy of his love. It’s def going to take more than a single dinner to convince her that Jasmine is the one for him. For Jasmine, she wonders if she would even be able to fit into his family after leaving feeling so unwelcome.

Rose Ceremony:

Mike seeks out Jasmine in her hotel room to tell her how he feels and hopes it's not too little too late. However, in the end, Mike’s inability to be upfront about his feelings for Jasmine leaves him without a rose. It’s sad to see Mike go, and with him, the opportunity to hang out with John.
Meanwhile, Mikhel struggles with his insecurities and is barely hanging on...Ahhhhh!!!!
Tune in next week for Part 1 of the Season Finale! Tuesday, 9 E/P. 



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