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Episode 7 Recap: All Talk and No Play

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Sarah Pugsley

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October 26, 2016

This love journey is coming down to the wire, and Jasmine is going into this week looking to be brutally honest with herself and the remaining guys.

It's the week before hometowns, and she is struggling a bit knowing that she can't take that challenge lightly.

She needs to take time with each person and make sure that she is focusing on the qualities that she needs in a relationship to make sure that it will be one that lasts.

Noah comes in to let the remaining guys know that Jasmine wants to focus on their connections this week and not on getting a rose, and so, roses will not be given out on this week's dates. If you've not yet watched the episode, you can do so here. Otherwis, let the dates begin!


One-on-one: Kevin W. in Berber Village
After their little argument at the previous rose ceremony, Jasmine wants to get some time alone with Kevin to figure out if their connection can remain strong in the aftermath. Likewise, Kevin has lost some sleep over the argument they had. Personally, I am losing a bit of sleep over Kev's elasticuffed jeggings, so I guess here we all are with the tough questions...

The couple has the chance to see what it would be like to live together as they experience the life of a traditional Berber family. And they both learn that he needs to have a more gentle touch with the teat...

As the sun sets over the gorgeous vista, the couple rediscovers the connection they felt on their first date in Jamaica.  Emotions run high between them because their feelings for each other are so strong...but can they both let their guards down 100% and fully trust in one another?

Rock Climbing With Kevin P.
Both Jasmine and Kevin P. are keenly aware that their relationship has not progressed as quickly as the others and with hometowns around the corner, they need to know whether they have a physical and emotional foundation worth exploring. They start off with a terrifying climb up a sheer mountain face that looks legit hard. Do you even scale rockface?

Sitting together overlooking the Atlas mountains, Kevin goes deep very quickly and things get rocky ;)  Kevin P. reveals details of his tumultuous childhood that mirror Jasmine's own and they quickly realize why their personalities are so similar. Both Kevin and jasmine dance around the subject of their relationship, and seem to politely tell each other in not so many words that they are not interested in moving forward together. There are tears and heartfelt words exchanged before Jasmine leaves Kevin P. alone on the vista to ponder how he might get out of there.

Group Date: Mikhel, Mike, Benoit
The Bachelors wait for Jasmine in the market square in anticipation of a fun and light-hearted date. But instead of Jasmine, they are greeted by Noah who informs them that plans have changed. The fun date has been canceled and will be replaced with an intense Q&A session at a pool.

When Jasmine meets the bachelors in beautiful riad she wastes no time. Benoit and Jasmine discuss the ups and downs of their relationship. She has had doubts about their ability to connect on a deeper level and that makes him uncomfortable. Are they on common ground or are there still issues that have been lost in translation?

Mike and Jasmine discuss their very different approaches to life - can stability and adventure mix for harmony over the long term?

Mikhel assures her that he's still 100% in the game and while she still makes him nervous sometimes, he sees it as a good thing. And she agrees!

Rose Ceremony
Jasmine has been looking for answers…and she has found them. Unfortunately for the guys, that means this week's cocktail party is canceled. Jasmine knows what to do and that is to let Benoit go. Always a gentleman, his parting words were much sweeter than the last contestant's...

Good luck out there Benoit!

Tune in next week as we visit hometowns with Mike, Kevin nad Mikhel! Tuesday, 9 E/P.