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Episode 6 Recap: Meltdown Mode

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Sarah Pugsley

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October 18, 2016

Jasmine is in Morocco and she’s got questions!

If you've not yet watched the episode, you can do so here.

She wants to make sure that the connections that she has built are going to be able to withstand the pressure of the process.

So this week, she is looking for answers and that means, THREE DATES - a single date, a group date, and the dreaded instant elimination 2-on-1 date.

Spoilers ahead!

One-on-one with Benoit
Jasmine and Benoit start their date off with some light-hearted fun, getting dolled up in traditional Moroccan clothes. He is ALWAYS down for a little bit of fun! But can this sustain a long-term relationship?

Jasmine challenges Benoit with respect to their connection - can he commit to more than just the physical side of things? Benoit lets Jasmine know that he sees more than just her beauty and is interested in much more than just a physical connection...and it's enough to earn him a rose

Two Become One: Mike, Thomas
On their dramatic camel ride, Jasmine has conflicted feelings. Mike offers familiarity and stability but lacks the spontaneity she craves. Thomas brings adventure and excitement to the table but also lots of uncertainty about the future. This is less of a “date” and more of a slow-ass camel procession to one’s demise while the other looks on.

The tension is palpable as Jasmine fluctuates back and forth between the men and agonizes over the painful decision. Ultimately, she asks Mike to stay, leaving Thomas in tears, alone in the desert.

Wrong Reasons Drew
Drew chats with the boys about how being a prick gets him ahead in business and in life. Does Drew not see the cameras around him? No Drew, it is actually not respectable to be a prick. He also admits to having mid to low-level acting aspirations...

Lol K. Sorry bud, you sorta made yourself look like a complete A-hole on TV bye.

Group Date: Mikhel, Kevin W. Drew. Kevin P.
Jasmine is spontaneous and adventurous and wants a man who is the same (‘cept not Thomas’s brand of spontaneity). They wander through the market square and find themselves caught in the rain. A note to Kevin W. about a playful romp in the rain - you’re doing it wrong.

Tea Ceremony
The group dries off in a tea house where they learn the traditions of Moroccan tea. Jasmine connects with Mikhel who lays his heart on the line with confidence. Kevin P. continues his attempts at deep conversation but still can't connect with Jasmine physically. Drew can't quit talking about himself and it's getting old. Kevin W. continues to agonize over the group date situation and how uncomfortable it makes him. Kevin, you are so hot but just need to chill man. Chill. In the end, she gives the rose to Mikhel because he made the biggest strides, not just in his tall pour.

Cocktail Party
Drew steals away Jasmine first, continues to talk about himself and behaves badly during the party…he's not doing much to prove that he's here for the right reasons.  Kevin P. finally takes the plunge and kisses Jasmine for the first time. Fine. They have a lot of ground to make up though. Kevin W. pitches a fit because he doesn’t feel he’s being given enough special treatment.

Jasmine stands her ground and ultimately, they patch up their rift, but will his jealous ways will continue to weigh heavily on her?

At the end of the rose ceremony, it’s bye bye Drew no rose for you. Good luck with dating back in Toronto!

Way to keep it classy Drew.

Tune in next Tuesday, 9 E/P as Jasmine and the 5 remaining Bachelors look ahead to hometown dates.  



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