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Episode 5 Recap: Are You Strong Enough To Be My Man

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Sarah Pugsley

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October 11, 2016

Jasmine and the remaining eight bachelors are in beautiful Quebec City!

Thus far, her connections with the guys are varying as she has developed different types of relationships with each and every one of the guys. 

Some connections are more fun and playful, and some more deep and emotional. Some are just plain physical!

This week she is looking to find a balance of sexy, fun and emotional in her bachelor relationships.


Heli Tour With Mike
Mike and Jasmine head out on a helicopter ride for this week's one on one date.

We find out that Mike has never been on a helicopter before! Which is surprising since he apparently dresses like he has been on a helicopter before...

He is heli-chic.

They find out something big on this date - they LOVE kissing each other! They decide their time is best spent making out.

They cozy up for some quality time but after the high of the heli-ride, the evening winds up being a bit of a bust. Mike struggles with the idea of moving away from the 'Peg, and finds it hard to open up about it. But Jasmine can't let go of what she felt earlier in the day and decides to give him the rose. 

Strong Man Competition:
Chris, Thomas, Mikhel, Kevin P.
Jasmine is a strong woman looking for some real man-strength. Today the guys get to prove they have just that in a strong man competition. Much like in the football game, Chris is out of his element. And not for a lack of trying, winds up falling short.

Likewise, Mikhel fails to impress Jasmine. Secret strong man Thomas crushes every competition and wins himself some alone time, leaving the others to contemplate their individual ‘marathons of suck’ in the woods by themselves.

Thomas tries his best to reignite the spark from his first one on one date with Jasmine. She knows they have physical chemistry but is looking to see whether they can relax and have fun.  She realizes that there is something special with Thomas, and likes that he is not Mr. Serious all the time, which he proves to her by singing into a wine bottle.

He receives a rose.

Siberia Spa
Drew, Benoit, Kevin W.
Jasmine gets a chance to see how well she knows the men when she receives blindfolded spa treatments from each of them. Drew makes up for some lost ground when he mounts her during a back massage.

Benoit licks Jasmine’s fingers after a hand massage, and Kevin W. gives a sensual foot massage proving himself to be the perfect strong but silent type.

At the after party, the group relaxes in the hot tub and the guys take some alone time with Jasmine. Benoit miscalculates timing and his advances come off as awkward instead of sexy.

Kevin W. takes a step back as he struggles with jealousy, which comes as a bit of an unwelcome surprise to Jasmine. Drew manages to keep his cool under pressure when he takes her lips out for a "test drive" as they share their first kiss. Jasmine is impressed by how he's handled himself - enough to award him a rose. Yes, that’s right, Drew has a rose again.

Every remaining bachelor enters the cocktail party desperate to solidify their connections with Jasmine. Mikhel reveals that he struggles to open up in front of the cameras, but he manages to assure her that he's here for her and ready to go the distance if she'll give him the chance.

Chris steps up to create a big moment with Jasmine and attempts a kiss...and is denied.

It’s a horrific record scratch, and contrary to what he believes is, in fact, a rejection when he is left without a rose for the week.

Tune in next week as Jasmine and the seven remaining bachelors head to Morrocco! Tuesday, 9pm E/P.