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Episode 4 Recap: Gentleman vs Gentlemen

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Sarah Pugsley

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October 5, 2016

Jasmine and her men are back in Canada in beautiful Montreal! Is there a better place to fall in love? If you're not yet watched the episode, you can do so here.

At this point in Jasmine's journey, she is really looking to get to know these guys on a personal level. In her words “this is the point where connections will either develop or dwindle away.”

She doesn't want to just date these guys, she wants to fall in love! In Montreal!

Spoilers Ahead!

Kevin W. finds a date card but before he can read it, Chris snags it to read out who it’s for.

Once again, he takes the opportunity to single out Chris by telling him the single date is his this week. Problem is, it’s not :( PSYCHE - it’s actually for Mikhel.

It’s embarrassing for Chris, and not only does it make him feel like garbage, but also takes away from Mikhel’s single date moment. Nice one Drew.

One on One With Mikhel
Good morning Mikhel! Wakey wakey!! Jasmine takes Mikhel to the street where they have a chance to create some street art together. Jasmine is admittedly bossy so is looking for Mikhel to take the lead on their rose painting. However, he disappoints when he fails to step up. Although perhaps graffiti is not his strong suit?

Mikhel vows to take control for the second half of the date, and he does just that as they are swept away by the music and romance of their surroundings. They get even closer in the hot tub and Mikhel earns himself a rose.

Group Date: Cirque Training
The Bachelors loosen up with a bit of improv before being assigned their own circus apparatus at a cirque training center. Kevin P. surprises with his determination and innate skills on the pole. What do you call this move Kev?

David talks a lot about being a performer (to no one’s surprise) but fails to pull it off on the silks. Andrew can't seem to relax and stop being Mr. Cool. Benoit lets it all hang out (figuratively and literally) on the bungee trapeze and earns himself some much-deserved quality time with Jasmine

Who better to go on a Montreal date with than someone from Montreal! Benoit and Jasmine are blown away by the Cirque premiere of Luiza. They hit a cirque-style VIP tent where Benoit romances Jasmine. He asks her to spoon before he kisses her, but in the end, he does manage to finally move in and initiate their first kiss. It is very breathy, and very…french? He also earns himself a rose.

Group Date: Alouettes Training Camp
Jasmine is looking for a gentleman and wants to see who is a team player who can keep their cool under pressure. It’s the ‘hotties’ (Chris, Kevin W. Mike) versus the ‘naughties’ (Drew, Kyle, Thomas) in a 3-on-3 football showdown.

Chris hates sports and doesn’t know the rules, but he steps up anyway and surprises everyone with his ability to run with the sports dudes.

The game is intense! In the end, Kevin W. risks his limbs to win, only to discover that Jasmine has decided to give them all quality time after the intense match up.

At the after party, Mike gets the first one on one time. With a little persuasion from Jasmine he bashfully reveals his 8-pack and with that, a small burning ember of jealousy is lit in Kevin W. which - fair enough.

Chris, with his newly found confidence, stays true to his word and outs Drew as someone who might be there for the wrong reasons. The other guys feel this was a poor decision and a major bro-code breach. Collectively they're all sure that Chris accomplished nothing more than robbing himself of the group date rose, which Jasmine decided not to give to anyone.

Jasmine is shaken up from the day’s events and is nervous that she is not seeing the true side of the guys. If going strictly on appearance she may be onto something. Drew...that you?

Jasmine wants more time on her own to reflect on what she wants to do and cancels the cocktail party.

At the rose ceremony, still highly emotional and confused, Jasmine pulls Drew aside to ask if he's really here for her. Drew is able to talk himself out of the sticky situation and she rewards him with a rose.

Unfortunately for Kyle, David, and Andrew, their connections have dwindled away and with that, their time with Jasmine has come to an end.

Tune in next Tuesday at 9 E/P as the romance heats up in Quebec City!