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Episode 3 Recap: Confidence is Rated

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Sarah Pugsley

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September 28, 2016

The dates continue in Jamaica as Jasmine looks to create deeper connections with her suitors.

This week, Jasmine looks to get a read on her bachelor’s confidence, as well as see how they interact with kids. If you have not yet watched the episode, you can do so here.


Group Date: Dancehall Confidence
Mike, Drew, Thomas, Benoit, JP, Scott
On the first group date, Jasmine challenges the Bachelors to learn some dancehall moves and has them strut their stuff in front of strangers.

From the start, no one is more confident than Drew. At the bottom of the scale, Scott’s confidence takes a deep dive and he admittedly gives himself a low confidence score of 2/10.

JP is confident in one thing - his bod. As he puts it - in terms of artistry “his paintbrush is his body, and whatever environment you put him in is his canvas.” lol k.

I am not so sure any of these guys should really feel all that confident in their dance skills. Good thing they are just being judged on their confidence.

In the end, Drew is a veritable peacock, and his dance moves impress Jasmine enough to win him the group date rose, which he is really low-key about.

Kevin W. One on One
Jasmine’s intrigue is piqued by the brawny Kevin W. He's not her typical physical type but she feels an emotional connection every time they're together. It’s not long into the helicopter ride that she quickly realizes that the physical chemistry is definitely there too.

They finish the date with a bat cave expedition and end up at an intimate table by an underground river. Kevin opens about a painful memory - his brother's attempted murder - and explains how that experience has made him the man he is today.  Chemistry is on fire and Kevin leaves with the rose and a piece of Jasmine's heart.

Group Date: School of Love
Mikhel, Kyle, David, Kevin P., Andrew

Jasmine has the chance to see how the Bachelors cope with kids as they attempt to let their inner child shine through in a custom art piece created with the assistance of some pint-sized helpers. Kyle and Andrew immediately win the kids over with their huge personalities and presence.

David couldn't seem to keep his music career out of the picture. David, Jasmine does not care about your music career - do you not have anything else to offer?!

Kevin P. bonds with his little helpers and creates a thoughtful art piece which wins him some alone time with Jasmine. When they sit down and have an in-depth conversation, the emotional connection is apparent and more than enough to earn him the rose. However, he does not take the opportunity to make a move...are these two heading for a friend zone?

At the cocktail party...
Everyone is keen to spend time with Jasmine. Chris, who did not go on a date this week, uses his time wisely, launching Drew into yet another anti-Chris rage. Scott tries to break the ice with Jasmine, but their dynamic continues to be awkward. So bad that she actively looks around for someone to interrupt their time!

Luckily for her, they are interrupted by Kevin W., even though he already has a rose. When he is called out on it by the other bachelors, he quickly dismisses everyone's concerns and shuts them down by repeating “I AM ALSO A MAN” - his confidence level here is 10/10.

Speaking of confidence, Thomas seems pretty confident about this hat...

In the end, Scott's inability to overcome his shyness and break through to make a connection with Jasmine leaves him without a rose. And JP’s inability to make a real connection beyond a superficial level leaves him without a rose.

Tune in next Tuesday at 9 E/P when the gang heads to Montreal, and tensions continue to rise between Chris and Drew.