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Episode 2 Recap: First Kisses & Epic Misses

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Sarah Pugsley

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September 21, 2016

It’s first date time! Jasmine’s quest to find love heats up as she and the remaining Bachelors arrive in stunning Jamaica.

The first dates of the season bring epic romance, testosterone-fueled battles and crushing disappointment as the Bachelors vie to win her heart. If you've not yet watched the episode, watch it here.

The first single date:
Thomas is the lucky recipient of the first single date, confirming Jasmine’s interest in exploring their initial spark.

Does Jasmine know that Thomas is Saskatchewan boy that looks like a Brazilian and has an accent from 8 parts of the world and carries around a yoga mat??? She’s about to find out!


Jasmine takes Thomas on a dune buggy ride and admits that she’s looking to maybe get a kiss out of the date. 

The chemistry is insane here - these two are definitely hot for each other...

After the riding the dunes, Jasmine and Thomas have a romantic picnic on the beach where they get to know each other on a deeper level. How cute was it when he carried her over the water?

Thomas proves that he is more than just a sexual tongue and earns himself a rose AND a couple of hot makeout sessions.

Meanwhile, back at Ochi beach…
A division among the men is forming and it’s the party/gym/Toronto dudes vs. the quiet/artsy types. Drew continues to fuel the rivalry by embarrassing Chris in front of everyone, calling him out for having a boner for Jasmine. Not cool Drew! Seems like perhaps someone is feeling a little threatened...

Group date #1:
Chris, Benoit, Kevin P. Scott, Seth, Kyle, Mike, Drew
The Bachelors are divided into two groups and tasked with writing a reggae song for Jasmine. Drew struggles and refuses to step out of his comfort zone - he’s a salesman, not a performer OKAY? Further proof is in his lyric writing abilities: “Your grin is like a fin, that I don’t fear” - hey at least he knows he’s terrible at this.

He can’t be fully blamed for taking the group down though because their collective reggae attempt was terrible. TERRIBLE.

The next group was just slightly better with Chris and Kevin P. leading the charge with their somewhat competent music abilities.

The winning group (Chris, Kevin P., Seth & Kyle) join Jasmine for some quality time. Chris surprises Jasmine by making the first move and dominating the date. But Jasmine remains intrigued by the shy Seth, and takes him for some time alone. It starts off ok, with her admitting that his likeness to Trudeau is a turn-on (Trudeau is her biggest crush), but when he goes in for a kiss…he fails miserably.

Their awkward kiss is awkwardly interrupted by Kevin P. who makes the time all about making a deeper emotional connection. And much to Seth's surprise, Kevin P.'s efforts earn him the rose.

Group date #2:
Andrew Wale, Kevin W, JP, Mikhel
On the second group date the Bachelors get to blow off some steam and show Jasmine what they're made of as they square off in a round-robin beach wrestling tournament. Mikhel gets completely manhandled, Wale is all talk and no walk, and Andrew goes down with an asthma attack. Kevin W. is the favourite to win, but a tenacious JP surprises them all and walks away with some guaranteed one on one time with Jasmine at the after party.

At the Blue Hole after party, it is Kevin W. who steals Jasmine's heart in an intimate and revealing one on one where they both reveal details of their past that they have not shared before.

At the cocktail party…
Jasmine confronts Seth about their lack of connection and he confirms her fears by admitting that he had only been half-paying attention when they kissed. She calls him out on his inability to connect emotionally and he struggles to recover.

Shy guy Mikhel makes a move by revealing more insight into past relationships and goes in for a very nervous but sweet kiss.

In the end, Seth and Wale failed to form a real connection with Jasmine, and she sent them packing back to Canada.

Tune in next Tuesday at 9 E/P to find out whether or not Dateless David will finally go on a date with Jasmine!