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Episode 10 Recap: Top 5 'Men Tell All' Moments

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Sarah Pugsley

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November 16, 2016

Before we head into part two of the epic Bachelorette Canada Season Finale, it's time to get the inside scoop on this season’s juiciest storylines straight from Jasmine and the Bachelors on the 'Men Tell All' special.

If you have not yet watched the episode, you can do so Here.

Otherwise, read on for a look at the top 5 man moments from the 'Men Tell All' special.

Andrew’s Mean Boy Moments
Perhaps feeling as though he got less of a villain edit than he deserved on the regular show, Andrew came to the ‘Men Tell All’ ready to join forces with Drew to launch a mean boy attack on Chris.

First, he offered Chris a tissue when discussing crying on the show.

Later, he threw jabs at him saying “What man takes his alone time with a girl to talk about another guy?” and laughed with Drew at Chris’ pronunciation of “genuine”.

Drew’s Adult Temper Tantrum

When Chris took the hot seat he told an interesting behind-the-scenes story about when all of the animosity with Drew began.

According to Chris, their feud began when Chris asked Drew to calm down during a hangry temper tantrum. In Drew's defense, haven't we all been there?

Apparently, Drew was trying to eat the crew's food and was screaming “We’re not getting paid to be here, you are! I am going to eat as much food as I want right now - I haven’t eaten in 7 hours” and “shut your mouth” when Chris asked him to calm down. It's a he-said-he-said story, but the bottom line is that they both agree that Drew threw an adult temper tantrum.

Drew Apologizes to Chris
Drew ate crow and seemed sincere when he apologized to Chris this time saying “I was not watching you do your interviews with the camera and I didn’t know it hit you as hard as it did. When I watched it, it hit you a lot harder than I thought it had. I apologized to you the way that I did and I’m sorry it came across wrong, dude. You got under my skin and I picked on you for that and I do sincerely apologize for that and I didn’t mean to hurt you.”

Mike and Jasmine Get Closure
Mike and Jasmine seem comfortable reconnecting in the hot seat and there, they each found closure to their journey together. When Mike says that he does love her, she says she feels the same, but that they were just not a connection beyond being great friends. It was very sweet.

Benoit Was Drunk 
Benoit was drunk when he couldn’t keep his hands off of Jasmine, but she admitted that the passion and intensity did not deter her saying “If I didn’t like your kiss you would have known it - I mean - you saw how I was with Seth”. Sign me up for a drunk Benoit makeout session...ladies get in line!

Honorable mentions:
Poor Mikhel!

...and also this:

Tune in next week for the emotional season finale, when Jasmine's journey comes to a dramatic end. Stick around for “After the Final Rose” where Jasmine and the final two Bachelors take the hot seat. Tuesday, 9 E/P.




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