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A Day in The Life of The Property Brothers (As Told by the Other Brother)

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December 5, 2013
Our favourite twins and two TV personalities we're absolutely mad for, Drew and Jonathan Scott, took the reigns at iVillage Canada and wrote a blog exclusively for us. We were thrilled to get a chance to get to know them better as they revealed a typical day in their busy lives. 
A day in the life of Jonathan as told by Drew: 
7 AM – First order of the day? Getting pampered at the hair salon, of course! Proof of what Jonathan’s priorities are!
Jonathan Scott gets his highlights
10 AM – Jonathan getting touched up for shoot. He keeps trying to convince our makeup artist, ‘Those aren’t wrinkles, they’re laugh lines!’ 
Jonathan Scott Makeup Artist
11 AM – One of Jonathan’s favorite times of day: Demolition time! This is my cue to leave the room.  Safety first! 
2:05 PM – I caught Jonathan taking a little break from the construction site... I guess this is where he feels most at home? 
Jonathan Scott on Couch
5 PM – Off to the studio for our Off Topic radio session. It looks like Jonathan’s studying but he’s actually SnapChatting on his phone. 
7 PM – Another selfie by none other than @MrSilverScott! This is about the 10th one I’ve seen him take today. 
9:15 PM – Catching a flight to a lecture we’re giving on the west coast. This is one of the only times we get to catch up on some light reading, and by light, I mean American Scientific. 
12:30 AM – Jonathan hard at work with his assistants, Gracie and Stewie - the perfect way to wrap up a day.  
Jonathan Scott and Dogs
Day in the life of Drew as told by Jonathan: 
8 AM – Quiet on set – It’s a very serious moment: Drew drinks from a tiny juicebox to down his pile of breakfast vitamins. 
Drew Scott Drinks Juice and takes vitamis
9:30 AM – What? THIS is what Drew calls work?? 
Drew Scott in race car
12:45 PM – I have a feeling I shouldn’t mess with Drew while he’s at the gym. “You wouldn’t like me when I’m angry!!!” #Hulk 
Drew Scott Works Out at Gym
2 PM – We’re about to go into an important meeting but it’s just so hard to take Drew seriously when he’s wearing that elaborate orchid headpiece! 
Drew Scott with Flowers
3:15 PM – Drew heads back to the office for a bit.  Caption this! #whistlewhileyouwork :)
4:00 PM – Drew takes a much needed break from the office for the most important part of his day: walking my dogs for me. 
5 PM – I’ve learned that when Drew says he has an afternoon meeting, it usually looks like this… 
Drew Scott Plays Golf
10:00 PM – Drew burning the midnight oil… at 10:00 PM lol. All the while, still stylin’ in a suit! 
Drew on the Phone

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