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The Bachelor Canada: Meet Chelsea

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August 24, 2017

This die-hard Blue Jays fan is hoping to hit a homerun with the Bachelor! Chelsea broke off her relationship last spring when she realized she was literally taking her work home as she tried to “fix” her troubled ex-boyfriend. Her goal today is to find a solid man who shares her passionate, no-holds-barred approach to life.

Name: Chelsea
Home City: Lethbridge, Alberta
Age: 26
Nickname: Chuck
Profession: Psychiatric Nurse

What is the most important thing the bachelor should know about you? That I'm a Toronto Blue Jays fan and I'm excited for this experience.

What makes you different from the other bachelorettes? I'm an easy person to be around. I'm really comfortable and confident with who I am and don't care what other people's opinions are of me.

What type of music do you like? I like everything, but I'm really into Hip Hop and R&B.

Who is your personal hero? My mom. She's the most amazing person in the entire world. She always has something to say without saying very much. She's very good at listening and has been through a lot in her life and beaten all odds.

What can't live without? I can't live without my puppy Bentley. He's a Pitbull, Husky, Lab mix. He's a big hundred-pound lapdog.

What are your relationship deal breakers? Someone who smokes and doesn't like dogs.

What is your dream date? I'm a huge Toronto Blue Jays fan, and I've never gone to a home game. To go to a home game in Toronto would be amazing. There's nothing like sitting with a drink in your hand, watching a Jays game.

What is one thing on your bucket list? I really want to go to New York. 

Favourite place to travel? I love to go back home. There's no better feeling in the entire world.

What are your three best qualities? I'm a very genuine person, I'm goofy and weird, and I'm fun-loving.

Your three worst qualities according to an ex? They would probably say I'm dramatic, that nothing's ever good enough for me and that I take too long to get ready.

What is the meaning of marriage to you? Having the best partner and sidekick in life. Someone to tackle the crappy days with.



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