Cedar Cove Photo Gallery: Something's Gotta Give


Cedar Cove Photo Gallery: Something's Gotta Give



Created date

January 4, 2014


From Cedar Cove: Season 3, Episode 4

A difficult divorce case rattles Olivia as she deals with the fallout from her fight with Jack. Trying to steer one couple to a resolution, Olivia finds her own relationship growing distant as Jack gives her more space than ever—and Paul gets closer. When Bob takes notice of Olivia and Paul’s easy new friendship, he grows suspicious of the new DA’s intentions, even as Peggy eagerly welcomes Paul to stay at the Thyme and Tide Inn. Then, in her first official act as Town Manager, Grace tries to bring all of Cedar Cove together for a town photo, but when it doesn’t go as planned, she questions if she’s the right woman for the job. Meanwhile, as Warren’s anger toward his father reaches its limit, he attempts to make a business deal of his own with a naïve Will - and Will’s unwilling new assistant, Justine. Uncomfortable working with her ex, Justine wants to put an end to the deal before Will makes a surprising decision that will affect their whole family. Meanwhile, Maryellen and John struggle to decide on their next steps of their business venture—and their life together—when a suspicious investor causes a rift between them. And when a loophole provides a second chance for more than one person in Cedar Cove, Olivia and Jack finally realize they might have something worth saving.