Cedar Cove Photo Gallery: A Helping Hand


Cedar Cove Photo Gallery: A Helping Hand



Created date

January 3, 2014


From Cedar Cove: Season 3, Episode 3

Olivia is left feeling conflicted following Jack’s sudden proposal to move in together. As he starts pressuring her to decide, Olivia has doubts if she can trust him and if she was too quick to forgive after his relapse. Then, when Jack gets a surprise promotion in Seattle, his career—and old flame Jeri threaten to tear him further apart from the relationship, while new District Attorney Paul Watson starts spending more and more time with Olivia back in Cedar Cove. Then, Maryellen surprises mom Grace with a visit home, but Grace can tell she’s hiding a big secret. When she overhears Maryellen talking with her boyfriend John, Grace jumps to a conclusion before getting all the facts, leading to a big misunderstanding. Then, as Peggy celebrates the success of the cookout, she dreams of starting a new chapter in her life—before Bob’s unsupportive attitude leave them at a crossroads. Justine attempts to move out of her mother’s home, but she finds herself with only days to secure a job before her Uncle Will intervenes with a plan that could potentially undermine Olivia. And when Paul charms Olivia into working overtime with him at the courthouse, she misses a romantic gesture from Jack, causing them both to question if love is enough to save their relationship.