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Cedar Cove Photo Gallery: Hello Again



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January 2, 2014


In Cedar Cove: Season 3, Episode 2, Olivia (Andie MacDowell) is still avoiding Jack (Dylan Neal) as she comes to terms with his mistakes, while Paul (Colin Ferguson) senses her romantic turmoil and potentially causes him to cross a professional line. Then in Seattle, Jack is faced with another problem as he learns Jeri (Julia Benson) is his new boss and she has her own ideas about his recovery.

Meanwhile, Grace (Teryl Rothery) finds out her new role as Town Manager comes with a complicated catch, while Peggy (Barbara Niven) enlists Bob’s (Bruce Boxleitner) reluctant help preparing for a fisherman’s fundraiser after coming to a stubborn stalemate with Moon (Timothy Webber) when he refuses to sponsor the event on her terms. Olivia reaches a verdict in the Saget v. Saget case and Buck (Tom Butler) makes a surprising addition to the company against Warren’s (Brennan Elliott) protests. And as Justine (Sarah Smyth) struggles to find closure on her past so she can move forward – with Luke (Jesse Hutch) – she finds strength in standing up for herself.

Then, when all the residents of the tight-knit seaside community of Cedar Cove come together for the fundraiser, a plea for forgiveness and a proposition from Jack will prove that anything worth having is worth fighting for.