Cedar Cove Photo Gallery: Guess Who's Coming To Dinner


Cedar Cove Photo Gallery: Guess Who's Coming To Dinner



Created date

January 5, 2014


From Cedar Cove: Season 3, Episode 5

Olivia (Andie MacDowell) is still struggling to trust Jack (Dylan Neal) when her brother Will (Cameron Bancroft) makes plans to move forward with the redevelopment of their mother’s house. Still spending time apart from Jack, an upset Olivia turns to Paul (special guest star Colin Ferguson) for support, and he plans the perfect way to blow off steam. Meanwhile, AA meetings bring Jack and Alex (Rebecca Marshall) closer but when Jack steps in to help Alex with a problem at work, their new bond could make Olivia question if they can rebuild their trust after all. Then, Cliff (Sebastian Spence) gives Grace (Teryl Rothery) an ultimatum regarding their engagement and Warren (Brennan Elliott) is shocked by a visit from his estranged wife. And when Olivia hosts a party to officially welcome Paul to Cedar Cove, the dinner quickly turns into a disaster when an outraged Will arrives uninvited. As their family dispute plays out in front of all of Olivia’s friends, Grace reaches a dramatic decision about her engagement to Cliff, Luke (Jesse Hutch) learns an upsetting truth about Justine’s (Sarah Smyth) past and Olivia finally realizes her sibling rivalry goes deeper than she ever imagined.